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Asia-Pacific satisfactory during Taipei Main Station

Now in a fifth year, a two-day Asia-Pacific Culture Day showcases music, dance, cuisine and trade art from 21 countries, including Taiwan, pronounced a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a organizer of a event. It is being hold in a run of Taipei Main Station. “Such informative exchanges will not usually heighten a possess culture, though will also boost mutual bargain (among opposite countries),” Foreign Minister David Lee pronounced during a opening rite Saturday, that began with a opening by Taiwanese dancers to showcase a country’s different culture.

Echoing a government’s “New Southbound Policy,” Lee remarkable that 6 cities and one county from Taiwan are participating in this year’s eventuality for a initial time, in a wish of compelling closer links with those countries participating.

Speaking during a opening, Vice President Chen Chien-jen, remarkable that a government’s “New Southbound Policy” goes over compelling trade and mercantile exchanges with countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia, as good as New Zealand and Australia. The process also seeks to allege exchanges in education, tourism and culture, he said.

“The Asia-Pacific Culture Day symbolizes these efforts,” Chen told attendees, including ambassadors and member from participating countries.

Tuvalu’s envoy to Taiwan Minute Taupo also stressed a significance of strengthening exchanges among countries in a Asia-Pacific region. The Asia-Pacific Culture Day includes song and normal dance performances.

Article source: http://www.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/national/national-news/2016/11/06/483142/Asia-Pacific-fair.htm