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AVG Updates Privacy Policy, Will Sell Your Non-Identifying Data

We’ll give confidence organisation AVG a small credit: At slightest it isn’t perplexing to be false about what it competence do with your data. Unfortunately, a updated devise to collect your browser story (and a list of any searches you’ve done while regulating pronounced browser)—”non-personal data,” as a association describes—does leave some users of a giveaway apps a bit skeptical.

According to a new news from Wired, AVG has updated a remoteness process to note that a association entirely intends to use this information—data that shouldn’t brand we in any way—to make money. Its justification is that it provides confidence apps for free, and this is one of a few ways it can continue to do so. AVG’s updated policy reads:

“We collect non-personal information to make income from a giveaway offerings so we can keep them free, including:

  • Advertising ID compared with your device
  • Browsing and hunt history, including meta data
  • Internet use provider or mobile network we use to bond to a products
  • Information per other applications we competence have on your device and how they are used.”

AVG also records that it competence anonymize and total information that it would differently cruise to be privately identifying for sold users.

“For instance, nonetheless we would cruise your accurate plcae to be personal information if stored separately, if we total a locations of a users into a information set that could usually tell us how many users were located in a sold country, we would not cruise this many-sided information to be privately identifiable,” AVG’s remoteness process notes.

AVG member told Wired that a practices haven’t changed; rather, they’re only reworded in a new remoteness process that goes into outcome on Oct 15. In prior policies, AVG described that it could collect information for “the difference we search,” though that’s as low as a outline got. There wasn’t a discuss of collecting users’ browser histories, nor any denote that AVG was holding that information and offered it to others.

“Those users who do not wish us to use non-personal information in this approach will be means to spin it off, but any diminution in a functionality a apps will provide. While AVG has not utilized information models to date, we may, in a future, supposing that it is anonymous, non-personal data, and we are assured that a users have sufficient information and control to make an sensitive choice,” an AVG orator told Wired.

Article source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2491600,00.asp