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‘Awesome’ Carson Wentz on going No. 1 and a loathing of losing

Former North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, approaching to be comparison one of a tip dual picks, by a Rams or Eagles, in this week’s NFL Draft, took a timeout for some QA with Post columnist Steve Serby.

Q: Tell me since an NFL franchise, possibly a Rams or a Eagles, should trust Carson Wentz to be a face of their franchise.
A: we consider a initial thing that comes to mind is I’m a winner. Obviously a lane record speaks for that, though I’m connected to be a many rival man out there. we hatred losing, and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to be a best during whatever it is I’m doing. we consider that once we get to know me, we unequivocally know that that’s a case, and we can put a lot of trust in me that I’m gonna get it done.

Q: What about a vigour of being a face of a franchise?
A: we consider it’s cool. I’m one that doesn’t let a vigour or any of a outward kind of scrutiny, all those things, unequivocally get to me. I’ve dealt with it my whole life, though apparently it’s gonna be to another scale now. It is what it is, it comes with a territory, and we gotta be means to usually retard it all out. You usually control what we can control, and usually hopefully go win games and keep removing better.

Q: Describe your on-field mentality.
A: I’m a rival son of a gun. we don’t like losing. we wish to be a best out there. we wish to lead a troops. we wish to kind of take a longhorn by a horns and be in control. When things are great, I’m excited, we substantially have some energy, though when things aren’t going well, I’m a same person. I’m always looking to a subsequent thing no matter if a final play was good, bad or indifferent, I’m always a certain thinker and usually always going forward.

Q: What intangibles on a margin do we consider we possess?
A: The initial one that comes to mind would be a mental processing. we consider we have a special ability to routine information discerning and disintegrate defenses. we consider caring is usually something that comes unequivocally healthy to me. we suffer formulating relations with my teammates, my friends, and we overtly caring about people. we design things to go well, and if they aren’t, I’m a man that’s gonna possibly get on people or speak by things with people. we consider my caring and my mental estimate are a dual many critical intangibles we have, along with my competitiveness that I’ve already talked about.

Wentz usurpation a MVP for a FCS championship diversion in January.Photo: AP

Q: How many fun are two-minute situations during a finish of a game?
A: we adore ’em. Honestly, we always told my coaches my whole career, we’ll use two-minute drills in use like once a week and everything, I’m usually like, “Those are my favorite time of football.” I’m out there in sum control, usually removing all lined up, removing everybody on a same page, and obviously, customarily it’s pass after pass after pass. we usually unequivocally suffer it.

Q: What drives you?
A: It’s usually kind of how I’m wired. we wish to be a best whatever it is I’m doing. we feel like I’ve been sanctified with a heck of an opportunity, and we wish to unequivocally make a many of it for a Lord. And afterwards my family, and now going forward, a support of a whole state of North Dakota, we use all those things as proclivity to unequivocally usually do a best we can and make a many of these opportunities.

Q: Why won’t personification during a FCS turn not be a cause for your pro career?
A: we consider if we can play, we can play. Everyone’s gotta make an adjustment. The diversion happens fast, though we believe, like we mentioned earlier, we routine things quickly, I’m means to hoop those things that occur quickly, and I’ve always believed that we play during a discerning pace, play during a high level, and I’m unequivocally vehement to uncover what we can do in that fast-paced game.

Q: Give me adjectives off a margin we consider news you.
A: Easygoing. Busy … we like to stay busy. If I’m not doing something, we wish to always demeanour for a subsequent thing to do. Competitive never leaves me, no matter what it is I’m doing — either that’s personification house games with family members or competing on a football field.

Q: Quarterbacks we like examination today?
A: The initial one we consider of is Tom Brady, usually a approach he usually gets a round out. we usually adore that he’s usually so discerning with it. And he’s a winner. It doesn’t matter who we put around him, he’s a winner. Another man would be Cam Newton, usually a approach he creates plays and has fun out there, and all a athleticism he presents is unequivocally fun to watch. we adore examination Aaron Rodgers, again, usually some of a plays he can make with his arm talent is kind of out of this universe … a authority he has on a field, usually being in sum control out there. And Peyton Manning, apparently he’s now retired, though we could usually tell he was a many prepared on a field. He knew what we were doing before we were doing it. He usually had sum control in a operation, it was fun to watch.

Wentz dives for a TD in a FCS championship game.Photo: AP

Q: Is there anyone in today’s NFL who reminds we of you?
A: Hard to say. My biggest thing via all this is we wish to be my possess player. And we wish someday kids wish to grow adult and be like me as distant as indication their diversion after me. we consider we all have possess healthy abilities and a possess approach of playing, so we consider it’s astray for me to contend that. I’ll let somebody else offer their comparison.

Q: From your Twitter account: “Stay humble. Eat crumbs.” Explain that for me.
A: It was kind of one of a mottos during NDSU. Don’t consider things are gonna be given to you. Eat crumbs, usually keep doing a unwashed work, keep going, don’t consider of yourself too highly, and usually keep putting in a work, and stay common with that.

Q: What’s it going to be like for we walking on a theatre and embracing a NFL commissioner Thursday night?
A: It’s gonna be exciting. Through this process, it’s been usually a long, prolonged pursuit interview. And there’s a lot of buildup, a lot of torment going on with this. But during a same time, it’s gonna be kind of a dream come true. As a child we dream of removing drafted, we dream of walking on that stage. For it to finally be there, it’s gonna be an sparkling time for myself, for my family, for a whole state of North Dakota. But during a same respected, it’s gonna be sparkling since it’s usually a beginning. It starts a subsequent chapter, and I’ll be vehement to get rolling.

Q: Do we have a fit picked out yet?
A: we do, yup.

Q: Could we news it?
A: It’ll be sharp, that’s all I’ll say, though I’ll uncover it off on Thursday.

Q: Bruce and Ryan Tollner and Chase Callahan of Rep 1 Sports paint we and Jared Goff. Do we have a accessible foe with him as to who will be drafted first?
A: We’ve never unequivocally talked about it. We’ve lerned together a small bit. We still have a possess time to sight on a possess with a quarterback manager and everything. We hung out while we were in southern California together, so we’ve talked via this process. we consider we’re both usually unequivocally vehement for ourself and afterwards for any other as well. we consider we’ll be looking brazen to personification for hopefully a prolonged time.

WentzPhoto: AP

Q: Being as rival as we are, we get a clarity we would be a small ticked off if you’re not a first-overall pick.
A: My biggest thing via all of this is just, we wish to go to a group that wants you, a group that believes in you. That’s unequivocally all that’s gonna matter during a finish of a day. I’m usually vehement to go make a many of whatever event is presented.

Q: Tell me what we know about a cities of Los Angeles and Philadelphia.
A: [I was] usually training usually south of L.A. a small bit. we suspicion it was usually pleasing down there. we was wearing sunscreen in Jan and February, that was opposite for me. There’s usually a lot of things to do down there. And afterwards we was quickly in a Philly area. we can tell they have some of a ardent fans in a world. we know it’s some good atmospheres for games and all out there. Wherever we finish up, we know there’s a lot of other good markets out there too with a lot of good fan bases, and overtly we can’t wait to find out who it’s gonna be.

Q: Why was Bismarck such a good place to grow up?
A: It’s usually an overwhelming community. we consider a whole state of North Dakota is usually a lot of good people, a lot of accessible people, easygoing. There’s not a lot of difficulty going on or a lot of bad things function here. It’s so easy to get out into a nation and get to a lakes, get to a river, whatever it is we enjoy.

Q: Is there anyone we would like to credit for being a large change on your career and life?
A: My relatives initial and inaugural come to mind. we consider they always pushed me to be a best [at] whatever it is I’m doing, and afterwards my comparison hermit [Zach] as well. He unequivocally helped move out a competitiveness in me, and he kind of set a bar high, he was a good contestant as good and always won everything. we usually always wanted to essay to be like him. And we had a coach, Coach Nick Walker was his name, he was a quarterbacks manager for me in high propagandize [Bismark Century]. He always believed in me and helped me removing a many out of myself.

Q: Three cooking guests?
A: Jesus, Brett Favre, Walter Payton.

WentzPhoto: AP

Q: Why Walter Payton?
A: Just all that I’ve listened about him as distant as usually being a fable is one, though apparently there’s a Walter Payton Man of a Year and everything.

Q: What would we ask Favre during dinner?
A: I’m certain we’d speak about sport utterly a bit.

Q: Was he your favorite quarterback flourishing up?
A: He was, yeah. Growing adult in North Dakota, a lot of people here are Vikings fans. we was a Vikings fan, though examination him play a Vikings all a time, we couldn’t assistance though usually adore examination him play.

Q: Who are athletes in other sports we admire?
A: I’ve seen what Steph Curry’s been means to do. we usually admire how he plays a game. we admire his faith and how he kind of displays that by his play and everything, we consider that’s unequivocally cool, and apparently he’s a flattering damn good basketball player.

Q: Give me a scouting news on Henley, your golden retriever.
A: Henley is unequivocally agile, unequivocally quick. Her mouth-eye coordination is unequivocally lacking, she can’t locate to save her life, so that boundary her to substantially a using behind role.

Q: Does she suffer sport as many as we do?
A: She does, yes. She gets dismissed adult when we arise adult early in a morning and she sees me grabbing a sport stuff, though infrequently I’m going deer sport or something and she can’t come along.

Q: Favorite movie?
A: “The Dark Knight.”

Q: Favorite actor?
A: Denzel [Washington].

Q: Favorite meal?
A: Steak.

Q: What’s it like being Carson Wentz right now?
A: It’s awesome. I’m unequivocally advantageous with this opportunity. we consider a lot of kids in a state of North Dakota, they kind of demeanour adult to me now, usually in a fact that not many people from this area get these opportunities, and we commend that it’s truly a blessing, and I’m unequivocally perplexing to make a many of it. Life is great, though during a same time, you’re constantly via this routine usually fighting a anxiousness, usually removing so excited, removing anxious, usually prepared to know where I’m headed. But no, unequivocally can’t protest about life, and I’m unequivocally advantageous with a subsequent event ahead.

Q: This has been such a duration arise for you. Do we have to splash yourself during times?
A: At times we lay behind and we comprehend like, “This is kind of crazy.” But during a same time, I’ve kind of been scheming for this my whole life. I’ve always had a idea to keep personification football during a subsequent level, and we never knew what it would accurately demeanour like. we didn’t know it would demeanour like this exactly, though we consider not usually only this routine so far, going behind even in college, a 5 inhabitant championships, all that has usually transpired in my life over unequivocally a final 5 years has kind of been surreal, and we consider it’s gonna take some time for it to unequivocally penetrate in.

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