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Banged-up Isaiah Thomas: ‘Other guys have to step up’ after Hawks subjection Celtics

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Hawks did it again to Isaiah Thomas. They surrounded a Boston Celtics indicate guard, badgered him and done him obey a basketball here Tuesday night. The Hawks threw double-teams during Thomas and left dual defenders on him via a pick-and-roll play.

Atlanta forced Thomas to pass a round to a open male and dared one of a other Celtics to make a shot.

Jae Crowder was 4-of-10. Marcus Smart was 2-of-7. Jared Sullinger was 4-of-9.

Thomas, who was averaging 28 points in a series, done usually 3-of-12 shots. He scored 7 points as a Hawks regained control of a best-of-seven Eastern Conference first-round array with a 110-83 Game 5 feat in Philips Arena.

The Hawks lead a array 3-2.

“That was their diversion plan. They put dual or 3 guys on me each time we overwhelmed a ball,” Thomas said. “Their diversion devise was to let a other guys kick us. It should be a pointer of disregard to my teammates for them to put dual on a round each time we have it.

“Other guys have to step adult and make plays. That’s what it comes down to. If they try to do it again in Game 6, it comes down to other guys creation plays. I’m usually going to try to get a round out as fast as probable out of a trap.”

Thomas is has shot 15-for-48 (31%) in a 3 games Atlanta has won in a series.

Mike Scott jumped off a dais to fuel a second-quarter takeover of a game. He led a Hawks with 17 points on 7-of-9 sharpened from a field.

The Hawks played feeble on offense in a game’s initial 17 minutes, shooting usually 6-of-34. Then brazen Paul Millsap barged down a line for a basket and Atlanta done 10 true shots and went from down 29-19 to up 45-35.

The Hawks afterwards buried a Celtics 42-23 in a third quarter.

Thomas left a diversion with 10:14 remaining after “tweaking” his left ankle. He pronounced it is not anything to keep him from personification Game 6. The Celtics are already personification though ensure Avery Bradley, who has a hamstring injury.

Thomas pronounced he had tweaked a ankle progressing in a series, so it looked ridiculous to see him in a diversion with a Celtics down 29. But Boston manager Brad Stevens pronounced he wanted to see if there was one some-more convene in his team. The Celtics came behind from 16 down to win Game 4 and from 19 down in Game 1 usually to remove 102-101.

There was no convene since a Celtics are a uneasy group offensively though Thomas. Boston done 37% of a shots Tuesday night. In Games 1 and 2, a Hawks done it formidable for Thomas and Atlanta won those games, too.

After a game, Thomas pronounced a heal for a double-teams is to not call for a high ball-screen in a pick-and-roll and usually emanate on his own. He attempted that Tuesday night several times, though a Hawks rotated toward him.

The 5-9 Thomas left Atlanta ensure Dennis Schroder behind with one crossover pierce and drove to a basket, usually to find himself lonesome adult by 3 defenders 6-5 and taller.

“You have to be assertive during it or they will usually continue to do it,” Thomas said. “I got to figure out ways to kick it and we will. Maybe we don’t call for a pick, usually take it yourself.

“Coach pronounced during halftime I’m creation a right pass. They’re creation other guys make a play. Most of a deteriorate I’ve been a man to make a play. It’s substantially tough for some guys in that position, though we got to figure it out.”

Millsap pronounced a Hawks did not have time to use a double-team in a full-scale examination before Game 5. They usually went to it as an adjustment. Thomas is certain to see it again in Game 6.

“It was a diversion plan,” Millsap said. “It worked.”