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Behind a Niceties of Chinese Leader’s Visit, France Is Wary

On tellurian rights violations in China, a theme that preoccupies French media yet not executive sermon or French business, Mr. Macron done usually a brisk reference. Mr. Xi is visiting during a time when Galeries Lafayette, a emblematic French dialect store, is raised a fast enlargement in China, that represents a third of a universe marketplace for oppulance goods.

Jet-lagged Chinese tourists are bussed directly from a airfield to a Galeries Lafayette store in executive Paris, and a Rue Saint Honoré, a highway studded with oppulance shops, customarily decks itself out for Chinese New Year.

The Chinese have invested in a far-reaching pinch of French sectors, including wine, hotels, and industrial food production, including milk. France was a target of 9 percent of Chinese investments in a European Union in 2018; a Chinese have bought some-more than 150 wineries in Bordeaux, and China is a tip trade marketplace for Bordeaux wine. The Chinese pull into that culturally mystic zone has combined some backlash, yet not adequate to stop French owners from offered their properties.

With Mr. Xi silently listening Monday Mr. Macron pronounced that Europe had never deliberate particular rights as “culturally specific,” and that a engrossment remained for “the honour of elemental and particular rights.” He pronounced that a dual had “had straightforward exchanges” on a subject.

But French analysts of family with China pronounced Monday that blurb family were a genuine theme of preoccupation. “It’s a doubt of reciprocity,” pronounced Jean-Philippe Béja of Sciences-Po, a investigate university. “We’ve been open towards trade and investment, and a Chinese have never let us enter their state procurements process.”

Europeans, he suggested, had also turn some-more aware, and wary, of record transfers and investments that “help a Chinese supervision rise a potential, and in a box of synthetic comprehension it’s about control, and exporting control,” pronounced Mr. Béja, referring to advances in Chinese supervision notice of a possess citizenry.

“We’re some-more aroused than a other” members of a European Union about Chinese energy and hegemony, pronounced François Godement, an consultant during a Institut Montaigne investigate core in Paris. “China is pulling a possess pawns,” he said, quite in tools of Africa where for decades French prevalence has been undisputed.

Mr. Macron insisted Monday that France and China were “not vital rivals” in Africa, yet he pronounced a dual nations could be “much some-more critical partners,” appearing to simulate a worry about Chinese investment on a continent.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/25/world/europe/macron-xi-france-china.html