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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Call Off a Divorce — For Now: Sources


Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are behind from a margin of divorce, sources tell PEOPLE.

Though a actors, both 44 — who announced their subdivision behind in Jun 2015 — aren’t behind together, they have motionless to keep operative on their matrimony after going by a new severe patch that scarcely led to a permanent split.

“Jen has called off a divorce,” a source tighten to Garner tells PEOPLE in a latest issue. “She unequivocally wants to work things out with Ben. They are giving things another try.”

But a source close to a integrate says it was a preference they both made: “There is always a possibility of reconciliation. They adore any other. They also really, unequivocally adore their kids, and those kids adore their parents.”

The day after Affleck reunited with buddy Matt Damon on a Oscars stage, the former couple hosted a tiny entertainment during their Los Angeles home to applaud their son Samuel’s 5th birthday, along with daughters Violet, 11, and Seraphina, 8. “The girls had wrapped presents for Sam, including superhero toys. They had a cake. Everyone seemed happy,” says a source.

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But while Affleck and Garner are in a improved place now, they recently went by a stretched duration that scarcely led them to chuck in a towel on their marriage. “Jen was revelation friends that she skeleton on filing for divorce,” a source tighten to her says in PEOPLE’s new issue. “She only wanted to pierce on and concentration on a happy things in her life. She was tired from all a ups and downs.”

Though Affleck and Garner announced their subdivision scarcely dual years ago, they have remained close, vital together most of a time and co-parenting their kids. They’ve even taken family vacations together and recently celebrated a holidays together in Montana.

“They wish to keep a family together,” a source tighten to a integrate says.

As Affleck told PEOPLE in January, “I like holding my kids to propagandize in a morning and dropping them off and carrying them know their father is there. That feels good.”

Says a Garner source: “Ben is creation a large bid to take caring of himself. They are not behind together, though there seems to be hope. Jen is anticipating they can stay married. Ben doesn’t wish a divorce either.”

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