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Best Landing Spots for DeAndre Jordan in Free Agency

Michael Owen Baker/Associated Press

Outside of LeBron James and Paul George, there is arguably no some-more impactful giveaway representative on a marketplace this summer than DeAndre Jordan, who on Friday declined his $24.1 actor choice with a Los Angeles Clippers and will strike a open marketplace during 12:01 a.m. ET on Sunday.

In a issue of a Clippers’ Tuesday trade of Austin Rivers to a Washington Wizards for core Marcin Gortat, it appears all though certain that Jordan will be personification elsewhere subsequent season. There’s one group that looks to be a many expected to pointer a star center. But he has copiousness of options on a table, and there are several franchises that could make clarity as alighting spots.


Dallas Mavericks

Three summers after a barbarous Emoji War in that Jordan corroborated out of an agreement to pointer with Dallas to lapse to a Clippers, a Mavericks seem to be a complicated favorites to land a center.

As ESPN.com’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Friday, a Clippers and Mavericks had conversations about trade packages for Jordan before he done his preference to opt out, though they were not means to come to an agreement.

With Jordan a giveaway agent, a trail is transparent for him to finally join a Mavericks. Dallas can open adult as many as $30 million in top space, that will be some-more than adequate to pointer Jordan outright, and he fills a transparent need on their register as a edge protector.

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Jordan fits ideally onto a Mavs group looking to be rival again after dual seasons in a lottery. He has extensive intensity as a pick-and-roll partner for a immature backcourt of 2018 first-rounder Luka Doncic and Dennis Smith Jr., and his defensive bravery inside can element Harrison Barnes and Wesley Matthews on a wing. A lot can change before Sunday, though during this point, it would be a warn if Jordan finished adult anywhere besides Dallas.       


Los Angeles Lakers

If Jordan does not go to Dallas, a Lakers are another group famous to be big-name sport this summer. Their ideal scenario, of course, would be to trade for Kawhi Leonard and pointer George and James as giveaway agents, though if that doesn’t vessel out, Jordan could be a good fallback option.

With Brook Lopez set to strike giveaway group and Julius Randle’s destiny adult in a atmosphere as a singular giveaway agent, a Lakers are diseased adult front. Even if they land James, a Leonard trade could tumble through, or George could re-sign in Oklahoma City.

There are scenarios in that a office of Jordan could make sense, with or though another luminary in a fold. This is generally loyal in light of Lakers boss Magic Johnson’s declaration to a media progressing this week that he’ll step down if a group doesn’t land a large name in one of a subsequent dual summers.


Houston Rockets

Any seductiveness a Rockets have in Jordan is contingent on what happens with Clint Capela’s singular giveaway agency. It’s widely believed that Houston will compare any offer piece for a 24-year-old Swiss large man, though with Chris Paul adult for a max prolongation that could be value north of $200 million over 5 years, relating a max offer piece for Capela could give them pause.

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With a clever lane record of durability, Jordan, who turns 30 nearby a finish of July, fits easily into a Rockets’ win-now timeline with Paul and James Harden, while Capela fits a timeline of Clippers group that appears to be prepared to go younger and build for a future. Jordan, a Houston native, also played with Paul for 6 seasons in L.A.

A sign-and-trade promulgation Jordan to Houston and Capela to a Clippers would be an intriguing choice for both teams to demeanour during if Jordan’s talks with a Mavericks tumble through.


Cleveland Cavaliers

If James decides to re-sign in Cleveland, a Cavs will need to make moves to ascent their register and equivocate another NBA Finals brush like a one a group only suffered during a hands of a Golden State Warriors. The Cavs have copiousness of contracts they could embody in a sign-and-trade for salary-matching purposes, along with No. 8 altogether collect Collin Sexton.

From a long-term standpoint, mortgaging a destiny nonetheless again for a win-now actor like Jordan isn’t a wisest move. But if James stays, there’s no reason to trust his opinion will change from wanting a best probability to win as many as probable while he’s tighten to his prime.

There won’t be many genuine impact players accessible for a capped-out Cavs unless they put Kevin Love on a table, though Jordan would be an intriguing aim as they try to stay in contention. Love and Tristan Thompson have struggled during times in matchups during center, and Jordan could cover adult their weaknesses during that position.


Portland Trail Blazers

Blazers boss of basketball operations Neil Olshey reportedly attempted to trade for Jordan—whom he drafted in 2008, when he was partner ubiquitous manager of a Clippers—in late January, per Marc Stein of a New York Times. His continuance and coherence make him an ascent in a core over singular giveaway representative Jusuf Nurkic, and he’d be a good fit subsequent to Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.

With a large contracts of Evan Turner ($36.5 million remaining) and Meyers Leonard ($21.9 million) on a books for dual some-more seasons, Portland has singular options to get improved in a brief tenure though needs to make upgrades in a subsequent 3 years before Lillard and McCollum strike giveaway agency.

If a Clippers were meddlesome in a sign-and-trade built around a 23-year-old Nurkic, along with purpose players on satisfactory contracts like Al-Farouq Aminu and Maurice Harkless, Jordan would paint a suggestive ascent for Portland.


Golden State Warriors

Ryan Kang/Associated Press

On Friday night, Stein reported a fortifying champions are going to try a probability of adding Jordan to a fold. This is a prolonged shot, given Jordan would have to take a large compensate cut to join a Warriors. The many they can offer him is a taxpayer mid-level exception, that starts during only $5.3 million, a distant cry from a near-max offers he’ll expected accept from other teams.

There is some story between Jordan and a Warriors, as Stein noted. He’s tighten friends with Kevin Durant and was once represented by Dubs ubiquitous manager Bob Myers. Additionally, Jordan sealed a four-year, $43 million offer piece with Golden State before a 2011-12 season, that a Clippers matched.

With a Warriors, Jordan would take a immeasurable infancy of a mins that JaVale McGee and Kevon Looney perceived during times final season—a transparent upgrade. If a core prioritizes winning above all else, signing with Golden State would be his best option. But a immeasurable disproportion in a volume of income other suitors can offer creates this an doubtful scenario.    

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