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‘Big Little Lies’ Sequel Announcement Sparks Outrage About Its Awards Categorization

Is a categorization of Big Little Lies as a singular array a, well, large small lie?

On Friday, HBO announced that it would be bringing behind a strike uncover — that won 8 Emmys in September, all in limited-series or film categories, including best singular array — for a second seven-episode deteriorate that will underline a same characters, played by a same actors, with a stability storyline. In other words, it wasn’t a singular series, after all.

The Hollywood Reporter can news that competitors are fuming, quite in light of a fact that HBO waited to announce this news — maybe not coincidentally — until after voting had sealed for a Critics’ Choice Awards noms (Big Little Lies landed five, including best singular series) and Golden Globe Awards noms (voting finished Thursday, and noms will be announced Dec. 11, with Big Little Lies approaching to register opposite a miniseries categories) and only before voting for SAG Awards noms closes (Dec. 10).

If electorate had famous that Big Little Lies wasn’t, in fact, a limited series, though rather a unchanging series, would they still have voted for it? We’ll never know. But that’s a doubt that might good harass a backers of whichever singular array didn’t land a best singular array Critics’ Choice nom and don’t land Golden Globe or SAG noms in their analogous categories.

On Friday night, a Producers Guild of America responded to a debate with a minute to members clarifying a matter, observant it would “re-set a voting” for a radio assignment ballot. Given a proclamation of a second season of Big Little Lies, a PGA motionless it was some-more “equitable” to place a uncover in a episodic play difficulty “for that it now is qualified” and “re-start a voting afresh.”

The full minute to PGA members is below.

Dear PGA member:

New information has come to light currently that compels us to re-set a voting for a radio assignment ballot.

At a time of a recover of a ballots, HBO’s array Big Little Lies competent for a Guild’s Long-Form Programs category. However, with today’s proclamation that HBO has systematic a second deteriorate of a array with a categorical characters stability into a second season, a array no longer qualifies within that category. In suitability with a rules, we have dynamic that a many estimable march of movement is to adjust a ballots – fixation Big Little Lies in a Episodic Drama difficulty for that it now is competent – and re-start a voting afresh.

We apologize for a nuisance for those of we who have already expel your ballots. Please take a impulse to re-cast your votes as all ballots submitted to date for radio for a 2018 Producers Guild Awards have been voided.

The strange voting information and your new list couple are listed below.


PGA Awards Administrator 

Primetime Emmy Awards
Big Little Lies
The Golden Globes

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