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Bill Cosby: Sentencing conference underway in Norristown, Pa.; Here’s what to expect

NORRISTOWN, Pa. — The scarcely four-year bid to jail Bill Cosby as a convicted passionate assailant reached the finish of a initial proviso on Monday as a two-day sentencing conference began in Pennsylvania. 

A grim-faced Cosby, 81, arrived in a black SUV, put on a dim fit jacked and entered a Montgomery County building underneath cloudy skies during 8:15 a.m. EDT, as a tiny handful of protesters shouted during him. 

The comedian will learn his predestine following his April conviction on 3 depends of aggravated transgression passionate attack for drugging and molesting a former friend, Andrea Constand, during his home in Montgomery County outward Philadelphia in Jan 2004.  

Constand entered a building shortly after Cosby. Before a conference she tweeted a Bible verse.

“Be wrathful, though do not sin; do not let a object set while we are still angry; do not give a Devil an opportunity.”

After brief arguments from Cosby’s invulnerability lawyers and Montgomery County prosecutors, Judge Steven O’Neill called for a recess to cruise either Monday’s conference will proceed.

Whatever happens during a finish of dual scheduled days of hearings will not be a finish of a matter. Cosby is approaching to interest his conviction, that could be overturned during some destiny date.

Here’s a authority on a conference itself and what comes next:


Why will it take dual days and who will be authorised to speak?

When O’Neill scheduled dual days for sentencing, he built in adequate time for mixed accusers to make “victim impact statements” about what they contend Cosby did to them and how it influenced them.

At a time, it was suspicion he competence concede testimony from any of a 60 women who contend Cosby intimately assaulted them, including allegations that were never charged as crimes in Pennsylvania or anywhere else.

But on Thursday, O’Neill narrowed that margin to only six: Constand and a 5 other women who testified during a retrial. He also offered Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele a swap choice of incorporating their testimony into a prosecution’s statement.

Cosby’s accusers: A finish list of a 60 Bill Cosby accusers and their reactions to a guilty verdict


How most time competence Cosby get?

He could get a sum of adult to 30 years in jail in a judgment to be handed down by O’Neill, who presided over Cosby’s second conference as good as his initial one, that finished in a hung jury/mistrial in Jun 2017.

There is a difficult regulation for calculating his sentence, formed on such factors as before record, that for Cosby is zero. The sentencing possibilities embody a “standard” range, a “mitigated” operation or an “aggravated” range for a chairman deemed to be still a threat.  

There is no imperative sentencing in Pennsylvania so a decider can confirm within a operation or over as prolonged as he puts his logic on a record.

How prolonged could Bill Cosby spend in prison?  Possibly adequate to make it a life sentence