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Bill de Blasio Will Push for Tax on Wealthy to Fix Subway

“Rather than promulgation a check to operative families and transport and sight riders already feeling a vigour of rising fares and bad service, we are seeking a wealthiest in a city to chip in a small additional to assistance pierce a movement complement into a 21st century,” Mr. de Blasio pronounced in a statement.

The taxation changes would need capitulation from state lawmakers in Albany — a formidable hurdle, with Republicans in control of a Senate, yet a coercion of a subway’s decrease has lifted a stakes and prisoner a courtesy of both parties.

On Sunday, a authority’s chairman, Joseph J. Lhota, responded to a mayor’s offer by observant that a organisation indispensable puncture financing immediately.

“There’s no doubt we need a long-term appropriation stream, though puncture sight repairs can’t wait on what a State Legislature competence or competence not do subsequent year,” Mr. Lhota pronounced in a statement.

Mr. Lhota, who ran unsuccessfully opposite Mr. de Blasio for mayor in 2013, also took a poke during Mr. de Blasio, observant he was blissful a mayor had “reversed himself” after arguing that a management did not need additional money. Mr. Lhota recently due a roughly $800 million devise for evident transport repairs and called on Mr. Cuomo and Mr. de Blasio to apart a costs evenly.

Delays have skyrocketed on a century-old transport system, and several new accidents have lifted reserve concerns. At a same time, the management has been lifting fares each dual years, with a latest boost holding outcome in March, when a cost of a monthly MetroCard rose by $4.50 to $121.

The mayor’s offer builds on an bid by State Senator Michael Gianaris, Democrat of Queens, to taxation a rich to support a subway, and a debate by movement activists to settle reduced fares for bad residents.


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The movement complement in Seattle began charity reduced fares for low-income riders in 2015 and has signed adult some-more than 40,000 people. San Francisco has a identical program, and cities like Boston and Minneapolis have deliberate a idea.

Mr. Cuomo echoed Mr. Lhota, observant that watchful to approve a new income tide when a subsequent legislative event began in Jan would take too long.

“The city should partner with us and compare a state appropriation now so we can start Chairman Lhota’s renovate devise immediately and pierce forward,” Mr. Cuomo pronounced in a statement. “We can't ask New Yorkers to wait one year to start repairs.”

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Mr. Cuomo faces a re-election debate subsequent year and is suspicion to be deliberation using for boss in 2020.

For his annual State of a State debate in 2018, Mr. Cuomo’s bureau was exploring how it competence deliver opposite forms of supposed congestion pricing, including fees on for-hire vehicles, according to a Cuomo administration central who was not certified to plead a matter publicly. A decade ago, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg pulpy for an $8 overload fee for drivers in tools of Manhattan during rise hours, though the magnitude was degraded in Albany.

Mr. Gianaris pronounced state lawmakers should not wait until a subsequent event to take adult a mayor’s proposal.

“I would disagree that a M.T.A. is in a full-blown predicament and that would clear a lapse to Albany to order this magnitude in an puncture session,” Mr. Gianaris said.

Scott Reif, a orator for Senate Republicans, pronounced a city should not plead lifting taxes when it had a vast surplus.

“If a city wants to adult a grant to assistance seaside adult a subways for commuters and their families — that we support — it positively has a means to do that,” Mr. Reif pronounced in a statement.


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The due new taxation would lift about $700 million to $800 million a year, with some-more than $500 million going toward collateral costs for subways and buses and about $250 million for a half-price MetroCard program, city officials said. It would boost a city’s top income taxation rate by about half a commission point, to 4.4 percent from about 3.9 percent, for married couples with incomes above $1 million and people who make some-more than $500,000.

City officials guess that a taxation would be paid by about 32,000 New York City taxation filers, or fewer than 1 percent of those who record their taxes in a city. New Yorkers already minister to a management by several taxes and fees, and a city has committed $2.5 billion for a agency’s stream collateral alleviation plan.

Mr. de Blasio’s devise comes with several demands, including that Mr. Cuomo keep his guarantee for a state to compensate $8 billion toward a authority’s stream collateral devise and an additional $1 billion Mr. Cuomo committed for a transport in June. The new appropriation would also be apart from a authority’s short-term transport rescue plan, that city officials pronounced should be paid for by returning income to a management that a state had formerly diverted.

The mayor’s welcome of half-price MetroCards for bad New Yorkers comes after months of lobbying from movement activists and could be a renouned offer as Mr. de Blasio runs for re-election in November. About 800,000 people in New York City who are during or next a sovereign misery turn — about $24,500 for a family of 4 — could validate for half-price MetroCards, city officials said. Women are some-more expected to live in misery in New York City, and a misery rate is aloft among black, Hispanic and Asian residents, according to a city’s statistics on poverty.

Under a module in King County in Washington, that includes Seattle and a suburbs and has a race of some-more than dual million, residents with domicile incomes of reduction than double a sovereign misery turn — about $49,000 for a family of 4 — can validate for a special bonus label to float buses and light rail. Riders contingency request in chairman during an enrollment core and yield support to determine their income.

John Raskin, a executive executive of a Riders Alliance, a New York City advocacy organisation that has called for reduced fares, applauded a mayor’s pull for new income and his support for half-price MetroCards.

“We need to get a transport complement operative again so that New Yorkers can get to work,” Mr. Raskin said, “but we also need to make a complement permitted for a lowest New Yorkers so they can find jobs, preparation and mercantile opportunities in a initial place.”

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