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Bill Gates told new grads to review this book. Now it’s surging on Amazon.

Bill Gates (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News)

Since stepping down as Microsoft’s arch executive in 2000, Bill Gates has seen his repute renovate from that of a hard-nosed businessman vigilant on shutting out a foe — which produced comparisons to oil lord John D. Rockefeller — to that of a wise, moving philanthropist seeking to solve some of a world’s toughest amicable challenges.

Now, Gates frequently dispenses the knowledge he’s gained over a years in an bid to get people to dream bigger, consider some-more definitely and be a force for good. He’s even pacific to give all this recommendation for free.

On Monday, Gates delivered what seemed like an whole graduation debate in a camber of 14 tweets.

Like a best derivation speeches, Gates’s tweetstorm is a personal thoughtfulness on a ways he’s grown given he was a immature adult. He admits that it took him “decades” to learn about inequality, and he says he no longer believes there is usually one approach to magnitude intelligence. He also articulates a truth that drives what he does: a idea that a universe is usually removing better, not worse.

The evidence for that, Gates said, is laid out in a 2011 book called “The Better Angels of Our Nature.” Written by Harvard psychology highbrow Steven Pinker, a book attempts to explain why, as a New York Times put it, “our epoch is reduction violent, reduction vicious and some-more pacific than any prior duration of tellurian existence,” notwithstanding headlines that might roar to a contrary.

“That matters,” Gates tweeted, “because if we consider a universe is removing better, we wish to widespread a swell to some-more people and places.”

So it’s substantially no warn that, in light of Gates’s recommendation, “Better Angels” is surging on Amazon. As of Monday afternoon, it had risen in Amazon’s sales rankings by some-more than 6,000 percent in a prior 24 hours.

“If we could give any of we a graduation present, it would be this — a many moving book I’ve ever read,” Gates tweeted.

New grads or otherwise, many people seem to be holding his advice.

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