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Billy Bush says there were 8 witnesses to Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ comments

Billy Bush, a former “Access Hollywood” host, has responded to recent reports that President Trump has questioned the flawlessness of video in that he can be listened bragging about grabbing women by their genitalia, observant a boss was “indulging in some revisionist history.” Bush pronounced that 7 people, in further to him, listened Trump.

In a explanation Sunday for a New York Times, Bush pronounced he was uneasy by reports from a past week that Trump has told allies and during slightest one senator that he may not be a voice on the 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape.

“He pronounced it,” Bush wrote, referring to Trump’s now barbarous “grab them by a p‑‑‑y” acknowledgement done on an “Access Hollywood” bus.

“Of march he pronounced it,” Bush added. “And we laughed along, though a single doubt that this was suppositious prohibited atmosphere from America’s highest-rated bloviator. Along with Donald Trump and me, there were 7 other guys benefaction on a train during a time, and each singular one of us insincere we were listening to a pretentious standup act. He was performing. Surely we thought, nothing of this was real.”

“We now know better,” he added, referring to a women who came brazen to credit Trump of crude passionate advances.

The Washington Post first reported a leaked recording in Oct 2016. It prisoner audio of then-candidate Trump braggadocio to Bush about forcibly kissing, groping and perplexing to have sex with women as a dual rode to a soap show set to fire a segment. Bush, who hosted “Access Hollywood” during a time, laughed and egged Trump on.

After a recording surfaced, Trump concurred it was him vocalization and discharged his difference as “locker-room banter.”

“I pronounced it, we was wrong, and we apologize,” he said.

But final week, the Times and The Post reported that Trump was lifting doubt about the recording’s authenticity, telling people tighten to him, including a Republican senator, that a fasten might have been doctored or faked. He has suggested to comparison advisers that a voice isn’t his, or that it was edited to make him demeanour bad, and has asked others possibly they consider it sounds like him, as The Post has reported.

Responding to a reports, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump “hasn’t altered his position” on a recording.

Bush, who was discharged from NBC’s “Today” shortly after a fasten emerged, has attempted to revive his repute in new months by publicly atoning for his purpose in a scandal. He is scheduled to seem on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” on Monday night.

In May, the Hollywood Reporter published an extensive interview with Bush, in that he described his contrition and chagrin about a recording, observant he didn’t have a “strength of character” to close Trump down. He vowed to support women in a destiny and lamented a fact that he had mislaid his pursuit over a fasten while Trump was inaugurated boss (“the irony is glaring,” he said).

In his explanation Sunday, Bush pronounced he believed some of a women who have publicly accused Trump of forcibly kissing and groping them in encounters over a past dual and a half decades, observant their accounts line adult with Trump’s comments on a bus. Trump’s apparent doubt of a “Access Hollywood” fasten has “hit a tender haughtiness in me,” Bush wrote.

“President Trump is now indulging in some revisionist history,” he wrote. “I can usually suppose how it has reopened a wounds of a women who came brazen with their stories about him, and did not accept adequate attention.”

Trump has denied wrongdoing, possibly rejecting a women’s claims himself or by spokesmen. “Nobody has some-more honour for women than we do,” he said last year after a “Access Hollywood” fasten was released.

Bush went on to assert that he had been vicious of a Trump presidency from a early days of the campaign. He portrayed a allegations opposite a boss as partial of a broader discuss about passionate attack and affianced his “respect and admiration” to a women who have come forward.

“To these women: we will never know a fear we felt or a disappointment of being summarily discharged and called a liar, though we do know a lot about a agonise of being inexorably related to Donald Trump,” Bush wrote. “You are a enlightenment warriors during a forefront of required change.”

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