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Billy Connolly’s Tracks Across America, ITV: The Big Yin travels by a United States by train

The peculiarity of luminary transport shows really many depends on a party value of a chairman who’s doing a travelling.

Luckily, Billy Connolly creates for good association in his new three-part ITV array Tracks Across America.

The uncover sees a Big Yin span a United States on a country’s expanded rail network – that means there’s copiousness of beautiful shots of trains flitting by epic mountainous landscapes.

Despite being famous for his unfiltered Scottishness, Connolly has lived in a US for half of his life – and so rather than exploring all a common traveller spots, he’s headed for “the backyard of America”.

The tour takes him by 26 states, from Chicago to New York – “the wrong approach round,” he says.

It’s peaceful observation with interesting stops along a approach – partial Man v Food (the grill stop-offs demeanour amazing), partial early Louis Theroux ‘isn’t America strange?’ documentary – as good as a peculiar some-more domestic and socially-conscious segment, with looks during fracking, a economy, and homelessness.

What shines by is Connolly’s humour and regard – either he’s describing Minnesotans as “kinda weird… in a good way”, or even chuckling about his Parkinson’s disease.

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“People with Parkinson’s should not have showers on trains,” he says, “in many a same approach as Vietnam veterans shouldn’t go to firework displays in swamps.”

ITV, 9pm

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