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BiP’s DeMario Jackson ‘Made Sure Cameras Followed’ Him & Corinne Olympios — and Claims She Was a ‘Aggressor’

DeMario Jackson is revelation all about confront between him and Corinne Olympios that caused Bachelor in Paradise prolongation to be tighten down dual weeks ago.

“That night was substantially a wildest night of my whole life,” Jackson, 30, pronounced in an talk with E! News on Monday. “Like we went for it.”

The existence star found himself during a core of a liaison after dual producers uttered their concerns about a passionate confront between him and Olympios, 25. Production on deteriorate 4 was subsequently halted, sparking a flurry of accusations and conjecture per a occurrence — though on Jun 20, Warner Bros. announced a review had concluded and a uncover was set to resume filming.

Since news of a occurrence initial broke, Jackson pronounced that some of a reports that he’s review “were only so nasty. we feel like a tellurian competition unsuccessful a ruin out of me.”

Reflecting on a initial time that he met Olympios on set, Jackson pronounced their “first genuine review was during a bar. We were unresolved out and we kind of were only complimenting any other on being villains.” According to Jackson, a twin was “laughing” and told one another during their initial assembly that they were “going to browbeat Paradise.”

“We started carrying a small bit some-more fun. Started carrying a few drinks. From that bar stage it got a small bit prohibited and heavy. She jumped in my arms, we started creation out during a bar,” explained Jackson, who complimented Olympios as a “great kisser.”

At that moment, Jackson claimed that Olympios’ legs were wrapped around him — and he was “down for it.” (A orator for Olympios had no comment, and a repute for WB did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s ask for comment.)

“I don’t consider any singular male — some married ones — would spin down Corinne,” Jackson told a outlet. “She’s a pleasing woman.”

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According to a former Bachelorette contestant, during that moment, Olympios did not seem to be drunk, and a whole organisation was “talking and mingling” before she suggested that a span go to a pool. But before they over a rest of a contestants, Jackson pronounced he done certain that cameras followed him and Olympios.

“When you’re a man, mostly African-American man, no matter where you’re at, we always demeanour for things that can assistance we out. And during that moment, we done certain that a cameras followed us,” Jackson said. “It only seemed too ideal in a clarity for me. At that point, that’s when my spidey senses got up.”

Jackson explained that he and Olympios were afterwards in a pool “kissing,” “rubbing” and “touching,” and combined that zero was “too passionate yet.”

But then, “things got furious since it was some-more of like her being like a aggressor, that was like voluptuous since we have like a really appealing lady who’s like revelation we like what she wants, it’s like a really like, ‘Wow, okay. This is hot. we like it,’ ” he explained. Jackson pronounced he afterwards proceeded to lay on a corner of a pool before Olympios got adult and put “her lady tools like right on my face.”

At that point, a former BiP competitor confirmed that he still didn’t trust Olympios was drunk: “I don’t even know solemn girls that can do what she did.”

“We were already exposed during that point. We had been exposed like a second we got into a pool,” he detailed, and added, “That night was substantially a wildest night of my whole life.”

Following their rendezvous, Jackson claimed Olympios and Derick Peth “had a small thing — “She like came up, jumped in his arms, slammed him to a ground, like all over him,” he pronounced — and that she also was concerned with dual other males, that he did not witness.

Of a following day, Jackson told E! that zero seemed to be opposite between him and Olympios — when he saw her, they hugged and spoke before a organisation all got breakfast with one another.

“We were all articulate about how furious a prior day was. She wasn’t mad. We were unresolved out,” Jackson explained. “I offering her a shot, though she pronounced that a prolongation had cut her off for celebration for a day.”

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For a subsequent dual days, a expel continued filming. But it was on Tuesday night that producers pulled Jackson aside and told him there was an issue.

“He goes, ‘Here’s what we need we to do. I’m going to need we to crawl out. Tell Chris and a organisation that we adore them, that you’re grateful — however, you’re not here for a right reasons,’ ” Jackson purported a member of a organisation told him. “I’m like, ‘What a f—?!’ He goes, ‘I can’t tell we what we know, though it’s going to be bad if we don’t leave tonight. I’m thinking, What do we meant it’s going to be bad?

“I got a call by a writer that was only like, ‘Hey, s– about to get real, genuine fast,’ ” Jackson shared.

In a statement performed by PEOPLE after prolongation was halted, Olympios said, “I am a plant and have spent a final week perplexing to make clarity of what happened on Jun 4. Although we have small memory of that night, something bad apparently took place, that we know is since prolongation on a uncover has now been dangling and a writer on a uncover has filed a censure opposite a production.”

Jackson’s attorney, Walter Mosley, previously told PEOPLE exclusively that his customer is assured that a tapes will absolve him. “The tapes will uncover that everyone, all of a participants of the Bachelor, everybody was consenting to what was going on,” Mosley explained. “And positively his communication with Corinne was a consensual interaction.”

But final week, Warner Bros. said in a statement that a association “does not intend to recover a videotape of a incident,” though insists that they “plan to exercise certain changes to a show’s policies and procedures to raise and serve safeguard a reserve and confidence of all participants.”

Though a source tighten to prolongation told PEOPLE that precautions are being taken to safeguard a identical occurrence won’t occur, Oympios’ profession Martin Singer formerly told PEOPLE that their possess review into a occurrence will continue.

“It needs to be done transparent that prolongation of Bachelor in Paradise was tighten down since of mixed complaints perceived from BiP producers and organisation member on a set,” pronounced Singer. “It was not tighten down due to an censure filed by Corinne opposite anyone. It comes as no warn that Warner Bros., as a outcome of the possess inner investigation, would state that no wrong doing had occurred. Our possess review will continue formed on mixed new witnesses entrance brazen divulgence what they saw and heard.”

Bachelor in Paradise will lapse after this summer on ABC, and Jackson’s two-part talk will atmosphere Tuesday during 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET on E!

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