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Black day for animal lovers in Malaysia (Graphic Content)

PETALING JAYA: Christmas Eve was a black day for Malaysian wildlife as 3 apart cases involving a hideous deaths of dual concerned object bears and a tapir went viral on amicable media.

In Kuching, a villager offered during a internal marketplace got a bold startle when she saw a object bear slaughtered into pieces and sole plainly as outlandish meat.

In a print taken during a Lubok Antu ‘pasar tamu’ in Sri Aman Division, a adult masculine object bear was butchered into over 15 pieces and placed on a list subsequent to a weighing machine.

The conduct was decapitated subsequent a chin while a arms were cut off during a forearm to keep a paws intact.

The beef and other physique tools were sole for RM20 per kilo while a conduct was sole for RM35 per kilo.

“It is unequivocally intolerable to see a whole bear cut into pieces,” Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) owner Wong Siew Te told The Star.

“In a same market, a furious boar and sambar deer were being sole as well,” he said, adding that a villager alerted him of a occurrence and sent him a photos.

According to Wong, poaching is abundant though it is odd to see object bears being sole plainly in a internal markets.

“For us, a gratifying seasons meant complacency and fun with family though for a many hapless wildlife, it means a finish of their life when a direct for outlandish beef soars,” he said.

Sun bears are a stable class underneath a Sarawak Wild Life Protection Ordinance 1998 and those found guilty of sport and offered a wildlife could face a RM10,000 excellent or one year imprisonment.

Wong pronounced a race of object bears is different though conservationists are certain that it is disappearing due to fast deforestation and prevalent poaching.

He urged a Forestry Department to make a wildlife insurance law and prosecute those concerned in a bootleg outlandish beef trade.

“If we don’t do anything effective shortly it will be too late to do anything, only like a rhinos here,” he said, adding that a annihilation of object bears will harm a timberland ecosystem.

In Terengganu, a object bear was killed after a motorbike crashed into it nearby a Kuala Dungun exit on a East Coast Expressway 2 (LPT 2) during 6.50pm on Sunday (Dec 24).

The motorcyclist was en track from Kuantan to Terengganu when a object bear unexpected crossed a road.

In Gua Musang, Kelantan a 100kg tapir was killed in a automobile collision involving a Proton Saga during KM12 during Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai.

The collision happened during 4am on Dec 24 though a organisation of group who found a tapir body a subsequent day skinned a animal and cut off a snout.

Netizens have voiced startle and offend of photos of a group skinning a wildlife, job their actions cruel.

Article source: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/12/25/black-day-for-animal-lovers-in-malaysia-graphic-content/