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BlackBerry KeyOne’s goal impossible: Bringing behind a brand


BlackBerry is back, pleasantness of TCL. Whether people will compensate courtesy is still adult in a air.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Reviving BlackBerry is a mobile homogeneous of chasing unicorns — it’s a Sisyphean charge that’s gotten usually some-more fabulous with time.

Four years ago, then-CEO Thorsten Heins attempted to energise a company’s flagging sales with a BlackBerry 10 handling complement and a Z10, a complicated phone designed to take on a iPhone and Android handsets. Eleven months and several misfires later, a house showed Heins a door.

When John Chen transposed Heins and embarked on his possess quip quest, he initial appealed to a nostalgia with a BlackBerry Classic. Nope. In 2015, Chen bet a company’s phone business on Google’s renouned Android software with a Priv phone.

That bid — we guessed it — flopped once again. Chen couldn’t be worried to uncover adult when a association sensitively expelled new phones final year, and in Sep a association bailed on creation a possess devices in preference of focusing on business module and confidence services.

The fibre of failures underscores only how formidable it is to revitalise a phone business once it starts a slide. Apple and Samsung browbeat reward phones, while Chinese companies order a bill market. And in BlackBerry’s case, many of a attention and many consumers have mostly changed on.

Unless you’re TCL. The Chinese company, best famous for creation affordable televisions and bill Alcatel-branded phones, will take a moment during branch BlackBerry around and has protected a use of a brand.

TCL denounced a BlackBerry KeyOne during a press discussion in Barcelona on Saturday during a Mobile World Congress trade show. The association wants a phone to strike a marketplace in April, initial by approach sales, and afterwards by conduit partners.

While TCL has finished an excellent pursuit holding a no-name code like Alcatel and creation it rival with other bill phones, that was same to removing a automobile to go from 0 to 60. Turning BlackBerry around is some-more like interlude a automobile that’s careening backward, before even meditative about removing it to go in a right direction.

Gartner best summed adult BlackBerry’s apocalyptic state with a fourth entertain report, in that a smartphones finished adult “0 percent” of a market. (It indeed shipped around 200,000 units, though a series was low adequate to proportion to a rounding error.) Samsung and Apple jointly control scarcely two-fifths of a marketplace for smartphones.

That’s a distant cry from 8 years ago, when roughly one out of any 5 smartphones sole was a BlackBerry.

New franchise on life

TCL’s initial pierce is to erase BlackBerry’s mistake of overpricing a phone.

At $549, a KeyOne is $100 cheaper than a starting cost of a iPhone. The Priv started during $699, a head-scratching $50 reward to a iPhone — a problem that BlackBerry concurred after stating diseased sales of a device.

Unlike a Alcatel phones, TCL’s KeyOne boasts reward specifications, including a 4.5-inch arrangement with 1,620 by 1,080 resolution, a tough Corning Gorilla Glass 4 screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chip with a apart graphics processor for a brains, a 12-megapixel back camera granted by Sony and an 8MP front-facing camera for selfies.


There are accessible shortcuts that we can module into a earthy keys.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Like prior BlackBerry phones, a earthy keyboard is hold sensitive, permitting we to set shortcuts and appropriate opposite a keys with your fingers to corkscrew by a web page. New to a phones is a by-pass duty that lets we tie any minute pivotal to a module or movement (like harmonise e-mail) depending on a brief or prolonged press, giving we 52 options.

TCL has been operative to make a BlackBerry phone some-more secure than even a Priv, and Steve Cistulli, conduct of TCL’s North American business, vowed that by a finish of a year, a BlackBerry phones will be as secure as a BlackBerry 10 device.

“It is a uncompromised Android solution,” he pronounced in an talk on Saturday.

A small TLC

A vast tent was set adult only stairs divided from a Poble Espanyol design museum, a inside awash in blue lighting with a BlackBerry code front and center. The final time BlackBerry expelled a phone, it let people know around a press release.

TCL hopes a renewed appetite it’s injecting into BlackBerry will get people meditative about a code again — generally a carriers.

“TCL offered BlackBerry should also be some-more manageable than BlackBerry had been in a past to marketplace changes,” pronounced Maribel Lopez, an researcher during Lopez Research.

Admittedly, there was small adore between a carriers and BlackBerry by a time Chen started positioning his association divided from a phone business. BlackBerry’s final dual DTEK phones, that TCL designed and built, were sole directly by a company.

Even a large quip phone, a BlackBerry Priv, was an ATT disdainful primarily before display adult during a other carriers months later, with many of a unrestrained and movement dissipated.

Then there was Chen himself. He pronounced on mixed occasions that he would be peaceful to dump a phone business if it couldn’t spin a profit. While he argued that a media had taken his comments out of context, anyone could demeanour during a company’s formula and see a essay on a wall.

TCL’s wish is that a new association providing solid, unchanging support will assistance consumers and carriers comparison learn to trust a BlackBerry name again.

“TCL positively needs to publicize a fact that BlackBerry smartphones are ‘under new management,'” pronounced Avi Greengart, an researcher during investigate organisation Global Data.

Cistulli betrothed a complicated digital selling bid with business business this year, and it skeleton to go after consumers once it has a broader portfolio of products, in 2018.

Safety vs. security

While confidence is a primary subject of concern, it’s not adequate of an emanate to lean people when they’re determining what phone to buy.

Cistulli pronounced he wants to change a primary tenure from security, that is a bit some-more ambiguous, to a some-more definite guarantee of safety.

“You should feel protected if we have this device with you, either it’s in a office, soccer margin or film theater,” he said.


Cistulli concurred that removing that summary opposite to consumers will be a challenge. “How do we make it resonate?” he asked, observant that consumers will hear some-more in a entrance months.

TCL boasts it is a many secure Android phone in a world. BlackBerry Senior Vice President Alex Thurber betrothed monthly confidence updates to a phone.

Ultimately, while a BlackBerry code is good known, approval itself isn’t going to win TCL any sales. The association needs to supplement new facilities that tie into a BlackBerry repute for capability and security, something that BlackBerry itself unsuccessful to do for years. The earthy pivotal by-pass pretence is a start, though TCL will have to get creative.

“They’ve finished some crafty things,” pronounced Ian Fogg, an researcher during IHS. “They’ll need to find something identical with BlackBerry as well.”

Otherwise, it might be adult to a subsequent bad essence that takes adult a BlackBerry quip quest.

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