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BLACKHAWK Cordura Ballistic Trouser Belt, Black, Small

Cordura Ballistic Trouser Belt is constructed with a non-abrasive material that won’t fray belt loops or trousers like traditional hook-and-loop systems.

  • Sizes:
  • XS (fits waists 20″ 24″)
  • S (fits waists 26″ 30″)
  • M (fits waists 32″ 36″)
  • L (fits waists 38″ 42″)
  • XL (fits waists 44″ 48″)
  • XXL (fits waists 50″ 54″)
  • Color: Black
  • About Blackhawk Duty Gear:
  • BlackHawk has combined the practical experience of its design team experts who’ve done everything in law enforcement from beat cop to tac officer with decades of research and development, and manufacturing expertise to combine the professional look of molded nylon with the superior abrasion resistance of Cordura
  • The result of this R&D, Cordura Ballistic, means you can rely on what is simply the toughest, strongest, best-looking molded duty gear on the market today!
  • Cordura Ballistic gives you the best of two worlds – the crisp, professional look of molded nylon, with the superior abrasion resistance of Cordura nylon
  • Protect your duty gear, in style, from its main enemy, abrasion
  • Cordura Ballistic weave nylon keeps its shape – no more problems with Cordura collapsing when you take out your baton or cuffs
  • Proprietary five-layer laminate is just plain tough more so than any of the three- or four-layer laminates out there today
  • All Cordura Ballistic gear is modular
  • All Cordura Ballistic gear can be mounted to Picatinny rail attachment points on either the Drop Leg or Tactical Holster Platforms

Price:  $    Read More and Buy it here!

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