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Bose QuietComfort 35 (hands-on): Finally, an active noise-canceling wireless headphone from Bose

This is a Bose product a lot of people have been watchful for, a QuietComfort 35, an active sound cancelling headphone that’s also wireless.

At $350 (£290, AU $499), it costs some-more than a connected QuietComfort 25. But during slightest it’s usually $50 cost bump, that puts this around what Beats’ competing Studio Wireless costs, nonetheless that headphone has been ignored in new months, indicating Beats substantially has something new coming.

Like a identical looking QC25, this is a lightweight, really gentle headphone and we get a same peculiarity of sound rebate that we get from a QC25, according to Bose.

With microphones inside and outward a earcups, Bose says a QC35 senses, measures and sends neglected sounds to dual exclusive digital electronic chips — one for any ear — that respond with a precise, equal and conflicting vigilance in reduction than a fragment of a millisecond. The headphone’s also versed with a new digital equalizing complement that balances a sound either you’re listening during reduce or aloft volumes.

Battery life is rated during 20 hours, that is utterly good, and there’s an integrated remote on a right earcup with buttons for adjusting a volume, determining playback and responding and finale calls. It also comes with a wire if we wish to go connected and works with Bose giveaway Connect app for iOS and Android devices.

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Available in china or black, a QC35 is designed to be used as an modernized wireless headset and it muffles ambient sounds like breeze and throng sound so callers can hear we improved — and we can hear callers better. There’s also a side-tone underline that allows we to hear your possess voice in a headphones as we pronounce so we don’t lift your voice while talking.

I usually spent a singular volume of time with a QC35 during Bose’s launch eventuality for a product, though it felt really identical feel to a QC25 and SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II, nonetheless it looks somewhat sleeker. It was tough to make a decisive visualisation during my brief listening exam about sound quality, though once we get a examination sample, I’ll be means to review it to competing models, as good as a QC25.

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In a carrying case.
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This isn’t a usually new wireless Bluetooth noise-canceling headphone in Bose’s line up. In September, a QuietControl 30 arrives for $300. That’s a neckband-style in-ear headphone that offers non-static levels of noise-cancellation and is radically a wireless chronicle of a QuietComfort 20.

My personal welfare leans toward a QuietControl 30, though if you’re looking for a full-size wireless Bluetooth headphone with best-in-class sound cancellation, a ultracomfortable QC35 is extremely tempting.

The QuietComfort 35’s highlights:

  • Available in black or silver
  • Price: $350, £290, AU $499
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Proprietary Bluetooth wireless tie and active sound reduction
  • NFC pairing for inclination that support it
  • Works as an modernized Blueototh headset
  • Carrying box included
  • Can be used as a connected headphone (cord included)
bose-quietcomfort-35-01.jpgEnlarge Image
The Bose QuietComfort 35 comes in china or black
Sarah Tew/CNET

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