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Brett Ratner, Prominent Producer, Accused of Sexual Misconduct


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Brett Ratner during a celebration for a 89th Academy Awards in February. Several actresses have come brazen with passionate bungle allegations opposite him.CreditDanny Moloshok/Reuters


Nov. 1, 2017

Brett Ratner, a tip writer and executive whose films embody “Rush Hour” and “The Revenant,’’ is confronting allegations from women who pronounced he had intimately tormented or assaulted them over a march of dual decades, creation him a latest distinguished Hollywood figure to be indicted of passionate misconduct.

In an article published Wednesday in The Los Angeles Times, 6 women described encounters with Mr. Ratner that ranged from licentious comments to assault.

One actress, Natasha Henstridge, who has seemed in films including a “Species” array and “The Whole Nine Yards,” pronounced that Mr. Ratner had forced her to perform verbal sex some-more than 20 years ago. Another, Olivia Munn, pronounced Mr. Ratner had masturbated in front of her when, as an determined actress, she delivered food to his trailer.

Late Wednesday, Mr. Ratner released a matter observant that “in light of a allegations being made’’ he was stepping divided from all activities associated to Warner Bros., a film studio with that he has a $450 million agreement to cofinance films.

“I don’t wish to have any probable disastrous impact to a studio until these personal issues are resolved,’’ he said.

A orator for Warner Bros. declined to comment. In further to a cofinancing arrangement, Mr. Ratner will also mislay himself from work on a studio’s instrumentation of “The Goldfinch,” that he was set to produce.

The New York Times spoke to several of a women interviewed by The Los Angeles Times, including Ms. Henstridge. Separately, The Times spoke to a former conform stylist who pronounced that Mr. Ratner had assaulted her in 2003.

A counsel for Mr. Ratner, Marty Singer, doubtful a women’s accusations to The Los Angeles Times. He also denied there had been any bungle by Mr. Ratner in a matter to The New York Times, stating that “we are assured that his name will be privileged once a stream media frenzy dies down and people can objectively weigh a inlet of these claims.”

Ms. Henstridge, in a phone talk with The Times on Wednesday, pronounced she had depressed defunct while examination a film with Mr. Ratner and a organisation of friends in an unit in New York, and awoke to find herself alone with him.

She pronounced that when she got adult to leave, Mr. Ratner attempted to awaken her into staying. When she declined, she said, he blocked a door, pushed her down and forced himself on her.

In a arise of allegations opposite a writer Harvey Weinstein, whom dozens of women have come brazen to credit of misdeeds trimming from nuisance to assault, Ms. Henstridge pronounced she had struggled with either to pronounce out.

Natasha Henstridge in January. Ms. Henstridge, a star of a “Species” film series, pronounced Mr. Ratner forced her to perform verbal sex some-more than 20 years ago.CreditMichael Kovac/Getty Images for Tyler Ellis

“Every singular day we woke adult and realized, we can’t let this go,” she told The Times. “This was not a confused lover’s ‘Oops, we done a mistake.’ This was a loyal attack.”

A crony of Ms. Henstridge, Lilith Berdischewsky, told The Times that a singer had confided in her about a part about a decade ago.

The New York Times also spoke to a former conform stylist who pronounced that Mr. Ratner had cornered her some-more than a decade ago in a home of a writer Robert Evans and masturbated.

“The whole thing was so intolerable and it all happened so fast,” a woman, Leah Forester, pronounced in a write interview. “I only remember jolt and being in a lavatory and perplexing mentally to figure out what to do with this knowledge that only happened.”

She pronounced she struggled for years to make clarity of a episode, and even attended a celebration for Mr. Ratner during a home a subsequent day.

In a letter, lawyers for Mr. Ratner doubtful Ms. Forester’s account, and pronounced that Mr. Ratner’s correlation was “substantially different.” The minute asserted that a dual were accessible during a time and remained so afterward.

Attending a celebration a subsequent day “is totally unsuitable with a idea that something disgusting had occurred with my customer a day before,” a minute said.

Mr. Ratner, who got his start creation song videos, wields substantial change in Hollywood as a successful writer of big-budget movement movies. He destined all 3 “Rush Hour” films, a authorization that cumulatively grossed about $850 million worldwide and cemented Mr. Ratner’s standing among a industry’s elite.

That success fueled increasingly ardent function — Mr. Ratner has turn famous for his bad-boy picture and intemperate lifestyle.

“As he became some-more successful, there was a feeling of increasing desert with all — money, cars, perks, women,” Emily Glatter, a prolongation executive who worked with Mr. Ratner on a “Rush Hour” films, told The Times.

Eri Sasaki, an additional in “Rush Hour 2,” pronounced that Mr. Ratner had overwhelmed her unclothed midriff while on a set of a 2001 movie, afterwards asked her to join him in a bathroom. Ms. Sasaki pronounced he had told her he could arrange for her to have a line of discourse in a movie.

“He said, ‘Do we wish to come lavatory with me? Do we wish to be popular?’” she told The Times in an interview. “He pronounced those things together. Naturally we get a hint, if we go lavatory with him, we could get a line.”

Her criticism was advanced adult by Kent Richards, a prolongation partner Ms. Sasaki was dating during a time.

Olivia Munn during Comic-Con International in San Diego in July. Ms. Munn told The Los Angeles Times that Mr. Ratner had masturbated in front of her when she was an determined actress.CreditRichard Shotwell/Invision, around Associated Press

Ms. Sasaki also supposing her criticism to The Los Angeles Times, that reported that Mr. Singer pronounced his customer had no correlation of a episode.

Another actress, Jaime Ray Newman, who seemed in a radio array “Supernatural,’’ pronounced she had once sat subsequent to Mr. Ratner on an aeroplane and that he had done licentious comments to her and graphically described a sex acts he would like to perform with her.

A crony of Ms. Newman’s, Dennis Staroselsky, pronounced she had told him about a confront shortly after it happened in 2005. Ms. Newman also recounted a part to The Los Angeles Times.

Mr. Ratner could be inexhaustible and complimentary, according to several people who worked with him. He thanked each organisation member by name during a screening of “Rush Hour 2,” Ms. Glatter said. Other women who seemed in a film told The New York Times that they had had certain practice on set, and that Mr. Ratner had treated them professionally.

Mr. Ratner’s function has spasmodic gotten him into trouble. In 2011, he mislaid a desired position as writer of a Oscars telecast after he used an anti-gay offence at a open event.

In The Los Angeles Times article, Ms. Munn, whose film credits embody “Magic Mike” and “X-Men: Apocalypse,” elaborated on an part she had created about in her 2010 book, “Suck It, Wonder Woman! The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek.” In a book, she did not name Mr. Ratner, though in a essay she pronounced that he had masturbated in front of her in his trailer on a set of a 2004 film “After a Sunset.’’

Mr. Ratner had formerly identified himself as a writer Ms. Munn had referred to, and pronounced that he had sex with her “a few times” and afterwards “forgot her.” Days later, he topsy-turvy that statement, revelation a radio horde Howard Stern that he had never slept with Ms. Munn.

Mr. Singer, his lawyer, told The Los Angeles Times that Mr. Ratner and Ms. Munn had had an insinuate relationship, something Ms. Munn denied in a article. Her sister advanced her criticism in a report.

A orator for Ms. Munn declined to criticism to The New York Times.

Ms. Forester, a former conform stylist, pronounced that she was assaulted during a revisit to a home of Mr. Evans, a crony of Mr. Ratner’s and once a arch of prolongation during Paramount Pictures. Ms. Forester pronounced that Mr. Ratner had told her that he wanted to uncover her some aged film reels in a projector room.

“He fundamentally pushes me into a room, comes in and closes a doorway behind him and shoves me opposite a wall,” Ms. Forester said. Mr. Ratner began tugging during her clothes, she said, afterwards masturbated and ejaculated on her.

A crony of Ms. Forester’s, Jen Bush, pronounced that Ms. Forester told her of a confront about a year ago. A mouthpiece for Mr. Evans declined to comment.

Ms. Forester pronounced that it took her years to come to grips with what had happened — or to even consider of it as assault.

“I demeanour behind on that and we see this lady who unequivocally didn’t understand,” she said. “I don’t consider a conflict is blurry, though we consider my psychology around it was blurry.”

Jodi Kantor contributed reporting. Susan Beachy contributed research.


Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/01/business/brent-ratner-sexual-harassment.html