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Bristol integrate sells everything, travels a world

Bristol integrate sole all to…

A Bristol, Tennessee integrate does what many of us have dreamed of doing, during some indicate in a lives.

They sole all and packaged adult to transport a world. Now, they’re behind in town, though usually for a small bit.

They’ve been to around 20 countries in a small some-more than a year. And a journey isn’t over yet.

“They suspicion we were crazy,” Billy Fuller remembers violation a news to his colleagues. “All of them suspicion we were crazy.”

Fourteen months ago, Billy Fuller and Lena Latifi hugged and kissed their friends and family goodbye. The integrate sole everything, usually holding dual backpacks with them to transport a world.

First stop: Europe, where they fast schooled what life was like though dungeon phones or amicable media.

“It army we to demeanour around and kind of be some-more in a moment,” Fuller said. “And positively a element things that we were trustworthy to, we can’t even remember them.”

The span afterwards trafficked to Africa, visiting some of a many surreal places.

“Sometimes we have to splash yourself, and remind yourself that you’re here and this is your life,” Fuller said.

Next stop: South America, where they bought a outpost that became a home.

“We went as distant south as we could to Ushuaia, that is a many southern city in a world,” Fuller said. “And we started operative a approach up.”

They gathering thousands of miles during their possess pace.

“You comprehend that it’s a people and a in between removing to these destinations that unequivocally make a transport experience,” Fuller said.

But after some-more than a year and no regrets, a dual designed a warn outing behind to Bristol to revisit family. The astounded Billy’s father during a park.

“We’re station right in front of him,” Latifi said. “He’s looking directly during us since he didn’t design us. He usually had no reaction!”

“I usually couldn’t trust they were indeed here,” Billy’s father, Bill Fuller said. “Unexpected, though great.”

Sometimes there’s zero like entrance behind home.

“You skip this, we skip these people,” Fuller said.

Billy and Lena aren’t home for good. They devise to start roving again, subsequent week. This outing isn’t costing them as most as we might think. They relapse how they’re doing in all on a parsimonious bill in their transport blog.

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