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Budget Airline EasyJet Cancels London-Moscow Flights

British low-coster easyJet is suspending flights between Moscow and London, the airline pronounced in a matter final week.

“The preference has been taken in response to the poignant and sustained rebate in demand for travel between Moscow and London in recent months that has been driven by a series of factors including the weakness of the Russian economy together with the tightening of the visa capitulation process,” the statement said.

The flights will stop from March 21, 2016, the company said, adding that “easyJet will keep the potential reintroduction of the track underneath review.”

The airline pronounced in May it was scrapping the Moscow-Manchester flights from Oct. 23 due to falling demand, carrying formerly cut the number of its flights to both British cities. It after changed brazen the date of the final moody from Manchester to Sept. 10.

Airlines have been strike tough by the pointy devaluation of the ruble, that final year mislaid 40 percent of its value opposite the U.S. dollar on the behind of plunging oil prices.

This has done tickets labelled in foreign currencies some-more costly compared to those offering by Russian airlines, as good as creation roving abroad some-more costly for Russians. When total with descending incomes, the result has been a significant dump in the series of Russians roving abroad.

British tourists to Russia, on the other hand, now face an extra jump when receiving a Russian visa: They have to visit the visa core in London in person to provide their fingerprints, a measure that has put off some would-be tourists who live outward the capital.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/530202.html