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California girl, 12, dies from infection misdiagnosed as flu, family says

Alyssa Alcaraz, 12, Visalia, California, died from a strep blood infection on Dec. 17 — only days after her relatives contend she was misdiagnosed with a flu.

 (Jeremy Alcaraz)

When Alyssa Alcaraz was sent home from propagandize after throwing up, her family suspicion she substantially had a “bug” of some arrange – maybe even a amiable box of a flu.

The subsequent day, Alcaraz’s mother, Keila Lino, motionless to take her daughter to a circuitously obligatory care, where doctors reliable her suspicion: Alcaraz had a flu.

Doctors gave a immature lady some revulsion medicine and cough syrup, only in case.

“She’s been ill before with a cold and influenza that has lasted longer,” Lino told Fox News. “It was zero new for us. Like any normal teen, she only wanted to be left alone on her phone.”

Over a subsequent 4 days, Alcaraz’s health continued to deteriorate. She was fatigued, had no ardour and was carrying difficulty breathing.

When medication, rest and fluids failed, Lino rushed her daughter to obligatory care. A medicine told Lino a seventh grader’s oxygen levels were low, and Alcaraz was rushed to Kaweah Delta Medical Center in Visalia, Calif.

Alyssa Alcaraz, 12, died from a strep infection hours after she was taken to Kaweah Delta Medical Center in Visalia, Calif.

 (Jeremy Alcaraz)

“The alloy wanted to sequence out meningitis, yet she wasn’t angry about her neck, he didn’t wish to sequence it,” Lino explained. “We were starting to do that procession to exam her liquid when she coded.”

The 12-year-old went into cardiac arrest, which, her relatives say, was a outcome of septic startle from a strep infection in her blood – an infection she had no thought her daughter was pang from. Within hours, Alcaraz was dead.

It wasn’t until days after her daughter died, on Dec. 17, that Lino schooled a means of her death.

“A integrate days after she passed, we got a call from a lab during a wake home,” Lino said. “We were repelled by it. Doctors pronounced it was a flu, though it was a germ infection due to strep that close down [her] viscera all within 3 days.”

With a republic pang from an scarcely serious influenza season, Lino says she isn’t astounded her daughter was misdiagnosed with a flu.

“We don’t wish revenge. We wish changes. We wish something certain out of this.”

– Keila Lino

The influenza is now widespread in 46 states, according to a latest news from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). California is being strike quite hard. State health officials say at slightest 27 people younger than 65 have died of a influenza in a state given October. 

“I know right now with a influenza deteriorate clinics, hospitals, everybody is only bustling and presumption that’s what everybody has,” Lino said. “But it’s some-more than that. In sequence for us to know, with elementary blood work, it could have been caught. Something so simple.”

Lino, a mom of four, pronounced she’s pity her daughter’s story as a warning to other parents, enlivening them to pull doctors to do serve testing.

“We wish to do something on her interest and make a change in some way,” Lino said. “It’s not fair. We know it’s not fair. We don’t wish revenge. We wish changes. We wish something certain out of this.”

Alcaraz’s father, Jeremy, concluded – and thanked a dozens of people who have showed support for a family given Alcaraz’s astonishing death. Nearly 200 people lifted $12,350 as of Thursday morning via GoFundMe to assistance cover wake expenses.

“She desired to sing. She was a intelligent girl, beautiful,” Jeremy said. “It was awesome. She had a pleasing funeral.”

Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2018/01/11/california-girl-12-dies-from-infection-misdiagnosed-as-flu-family-says.html


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