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Can’t Afford to Buy a $3 Million Ferrari Enzo? Lease One Instead

The initial oppulance sports automobile that Mr. Ceno leased was a yellow 2004 Porsche Carrera GT. It cost $360,000 in 2008. He pronounced he had leased it since he could not means to buy it.

Shortly after, he found a 2004 Ferrari Enzo that he coveted, though a car, that had been owned by a actor Nicolas Cage, cost about $1 million. Mr. Ceno pronounced he had put $100,000 down and put a rest on a lease.

“The payments were substantially tighten to $10,000 a month,” he said. “It was painful.”

Today, a Porsche has doubled in value. And that Ferrari Enzo can fetch ceiling of $3 million.

Putnam Leasing in Greenwich, Conn., specializes in leasing outlandish cars like a ones that Mr. Ceno collects.

“You’re not going to come to me to franchise a Ford,” pronounced Steven Posner, Putnam’s arch executive. He pronounced a customer of his had bought a sleek, automobile 1958 BMW 507 for $2.75 million during a Gooding Company auction in Pebble Beach, Calif., final weekend.


A timberland immature Ferrari 275, parked subsequent to Steven Posner, arch executive of Putnam Leasing.

John Taggart for The New York Times

“You unequivocally can’t franchise that by BMW Financial,” Mr. Posner said. “And if we go to a bank, no one is giving we a loan like that on a 1958 car.”

He pronounced a standard franchise from his association for a automobile like that would be 5 years, with $1 million down and monthly payments of about $20,000.


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Other than a monthly remuneration equal to a sum cost of many new cars, one large disproportion between customized leases and manufacturers’ leases is what happens to a automobile during a finish of a lease.

Most automobile companies offer closed-end leases. At a finish of a term, typically 36 months, a lessee brings a automobile behind and can compensate a residual to possess it or franchise a newer model. The lessee can also confirm to switch automobile manufacturers and compensate what is called a showing cost — typically several hundred dollars for radically going to another brand.

Putnam and other exotic-car leasing companies offer open-ended leases. This allows a lessee to finish a franchise early or extend it a few years. But it also means that a lessee is eventually obliged for shopping a automobile during a finish of a lease, either a automobile is value some-more or reduction than a residual amount.

People franchise outlandish and collectible cars for several reasons. Some do it for a cachet, while others do it simply to get to and from work.

And there are taxation benefits. Business owners who franchise a automobile for work can make a payments with pretax dollars and write it off as an responsibility to a business.

In states with a high sales tax, like California, leasing allows people to defer a tax. If they were to buy or financial a car, they would have to compensate a sales taxation all during once, instead of monthly.

And, of course, automobile enthusiasts can get some-more automobile now if they extend a payments until later.

Mr. Ceno, who is an operative and owns a web pattern company, pronounced he did not buy his cars to sell them. He uses a franchise as leverage. And in many cases, he saves adult a income to buy a automobile before a franchise expires.

In a box of his Ferrari Enzo, he said, he paid about $200,000 in franchise payments. “Some people say, ‘You could have saved $200,000 by shopping it outright,’” he said. “But we didn’t have a cash. The franchise authorised me to have a car.”


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Today, Mr. Ceno has a collection of outlandish cars value millions of dollars, and distant some-more than a hundreds of thousands a cars primarily cost.


A Ferrari during Putnam Leasing. Unlike standard cars, that diminution in value over time, supercars mostly boost in value. The downside is they might turn too profitable to drive.

John Taggart for The New York Times

But few advisers would advise regulating a franchise to assume on automobile appreciation.

Jakob Greisen, clamp boss and conduct of a United States motoring dialect during Bonhams, that hold an auction in Carmel, Calif., final weekend, pronounced a tip finish was behaving well. At a auction, Bonhams sole a 1995 McLaren F1 for $15.62 million, a record cost for a vehicle, a fastest mass-produced automobile authorized for highway use. It cost reduction than $1 million new.

Cars in a center — say, obvious Mercedes-Benz models that do not have a strange engine or are blank certain sum — are worse to sell since collectors wish usually cars in packet condition. Cars valued during reduction than $100,000 sell well, Mr. Greisen said, though they interest to people who mostly wish to possess a automobile they remember from their childhood.

Tyler Winslow, a gourmet who owns a Mercedes correct emporium in Cincinnati, has 3 cars that he purchased with a brew of leases, finances and cash. He pronounced that if he bought a automobile to repair adult and sell quickly, he paid cash.

He leases his 1978 Ferrari 308 GTB — a automobile identical to a one Tom Selleck gathering in “Magnum, P.I.” It cost $115,000 when he leased it. He pronounced he had spent an additional $15,000 on repairs and upgrades and felt that it was still value about that. Plus, he drives it to work, that adds value for him.

Some people use leases to switch cars frequently. Steven Reed, a business manager for veteran athletes, pronounced his clients mostly wanted a latest indication and traded adult whenever a new chronicle is released.

“It’s a income government tool,” Mr. Reed said, “except these guys like a lot of cars.”

Richard Koppelman, boss of Miller Motorcars, that sells outlandish brands like Bugatti, Pagani, Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce in Greenwich, Conn., pronounced a common disagreement about leases for outlandish cars was that a sign-and-drive module was available. His clients put down estimable amounts of income before they take a automobile home.

Mr. Posner pronounced a standard five-year franchise on a 2017 Pagani Huayra, that costs $2.8 million, would need $1.5 million down. The monthly payments would be $17,500.


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David Gooding, boss of a auction residence Gooding Company, pronounced people were mostly astounded to hear that such costly cars were leased.

“What people don’t commend is, we have intensely rich clients who have their income invested in several areas, and it isn’t always liquid,” Mr. Gooding said. “They might be looking during a $5 million automobile and have $1 million in their bank comment and need to temporarily financial a balance. Or they might get a larger produce putting income in several investments.”

However people acquire these cars, they do not expostulate them as most as a unchanging leased car.

Mr. Ceno keeps his collection in a 20-car garage underneath his home in San Diego. “I go down during midnight before we go to bed and contend these are a best of a best,” he said. “I can’t trust we have these cars here.”

But carrying such a collection, leased or owned, is not as untroubled as it should be. “My Enzo is $3 million,” he said. “Now we say, do we unequivocally wish to expostulate a $3 million automobile down a road?”

It’s a maze for sure, though one many enthusiasts would adore to have.

Correction: Aug 25, 2017

An progressing chronicle of this essay misidentified a initial Porsche that Bill Ceno, a automobile collector, bought. It was a 1978 Porsche 930 Turbo, not a Porsche 933 Turbo.

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