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Can’t ‘convey my disbelief’: Mets’ Jenrry Mejia criminialized for life

That’s 3 strikes for Jenrry Mejia, and he’s out.

The right-hander, who pitched for a Mets in 5 of a past 6 seasons, has turn a initial actor in round story to accept a permanent cessation for regulating bootleg performance-enhancing drugs. Major League Baseball announced Friday that Mejia, 26, committed a third offense underneath a drug module — all within a final year — this time contrast certain for Boldenone, an anabolic steroid.

The cessation can final as small as dual years, however, if Mejia succeeds on an application, as is his collectively bargained right, for reinstatement.

Hector Gomez, a Dominican sports journalist, reported late Friday that Mejia denied any wrongdoing.

“It’s not like they [MLB] say,” Mejia said, according to Gomez. “I’m certain we did not use anything.”

Mejia, who had been pitching in winter round in his local Dominican Republic, added, “I will appeal. Win or lose, we have a lot of faith. we have to transparent my name. … we will not mount idly by. we will take this box to a sour end.”

It’s probable Mejia was referring to a reinstatement focus down a road. He already had his possibility to interest before a outcome was announced.

Mejia got held while still portion his second infraction, that drew him a 162-game cessation final Jul 28; he had 99 games left and was due to lapse to a Mets in late July. His initial suspension, durability 80 games, went into outcome final April.

“We were deeply unhappy to hear that Jenrry has again disregarded Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program,” a Mets pronounced in a statement. “We entirely support MLB’s process toward expelling opening enhancing substances from a sport. As per a Joint Drug Program, we will have no serve criticism on this suspension.”

“I overtly can’t find a difference that would rightly communicate my disbelief,” pronounced former Met Michael Cuddyer, who played quickly with Mejia final deteriorate before timid in December.

As per a Joint Drug Program’s terms, Mejia can contention his focus for reinstatement no progressing than one year following a deception of his cessation — Feb. 12, 2017, in other difference — and his box contingency be listened by a commissioner within 30 days of filing a request. The commissioner contingency afterwards forewarn a actor of his preference within 30 days of a hearing.

Even if a commissioner ruled in Mejia’s favor, a pitcher still could not turn an active actor until he completes a two-year banishment. If a commissioner ruled opposite Mejia — and we can design MLB to be utterly unpleasant to such a defence — afterwards Mejia could take his box to an eccentric arbitrator. Once again, if a magistrate motionless that Mejia could come back, a cessation still would final for dual years. So Mejia can’t representation in orderly round until 2018 during a earliest.

The Mets tendered a agreement to Mejia in Dec notwithstanding his dual infractions, eyeing him as a intensity midseason bolster and signing him to a one-year, $2.47-million agreement (his tangible compensate would have been about $958,000, since of a second suspension). Instead, a Mets will have to demeanour elsewhere for help, and they also will get a full reinstate on their investment. And Mejia will go down in round story for an intensely undesired reason.

— Additional stating by Mike Puma

Article source: http://nypost.com/2016/02/12/mets-jenrry-mejia-gets-permanent-mlb-drug-ban/