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Cardell Hayes indicted on murder charge, attempted murder charge

8:11 PM ET

NEW ORLEANS — Cardell Hayes was indicted on a second-degree murder assign Thursday in a genocide of former New Orleans Saints actor Will Smith. He was also charged with second-degree attempted murder of Smith’s wife, Racquel.

On a day noted by uncontrolled behavior, with developments in mixed courtrooms, Hayes pleaded not guilty to all 4 depends opposite him, that embody aggravated attack with a firearm and aggravated rapist repairs to a vehicle. He was hold on a sum of $1.75 million bond.

Police have pronounced Hayes’ Hummer strike Smith’s Mercedes SUV from behind on Apr 9, and they got into an justification in that Smith was shot and killed. The Orleans Parish coroner pronounced Smith was shot 8 times, and 7 bullet wounds were in his back. Racquel Smith was shot twice in her legs, military said.

As shortly as a grand jury handed down a indictment, an partner district profession rushed to a apart courtroom to miscarry testimony that had begun in a rough conference to settle either a state had illusive means to assign Hayes with murder. The grand jury complaint done a rough conference unnecessary, and a conference was not resumed after it was changed into a other courtroom.

As observers were filing out, a quarrel pennyless out between dual women only outward a courtroom. Bailiffs pennyless adult a fight, and a women were taken divided in handcuffs.

Just before a rough conference was halted, a private questioner operative for Hayes’ attorneys had testified that a declare told him that she had seen a male holding a gun from Smith’s automobile before military arrived on a scene.

Attorneys for both sides spent a day vehemently arguing several issues, including either a state should be forced to furnish witnesses to settle illusive cause. The state wanted to equivocate presenting a witnesses so as to not uncover a palm or offer witnesses adult to interrogate this early in a case.

Hayes’ attorney, John Fuller, regularly indicted a state of stalling and “subterfuge” to check a rough conference while a grand jury was assembly over a indictment.

Fuller called it a “fastest complaint ever” and forked out that it came only 19 days after a Apr 9 shooting.

“In my 14 years practicing, we have never, in a midst of a rough hearing, seen an complaint handed down. What happened currently was unprecedented,” Fuller said. “I’m disappointed, though we don’t consider anyone that was in a building was surprised.”

Peter Thomson, a profession for a Smith family, pronounced Thursday that Racquel and her family were gratified with a indictment.

“We’re not surprised,” he said. “And we’re really assured that once all a contribution are in evidence, afterwards a suspect will be convicted on all counts. While zero can soothe a pain that Racquel and her family are traffic with, we feel this is a step in a right instruction toward justice.”

The subsequent conference is a find set for May 18.

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