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Care By Volvo subscription use to start during $600 a month

Volvo is removing into a subscription business. At Wednesday’s Los Angeles Auto Show, a Swedish automaker announced sum of a new Care By Volvo program, an all-inclusive, no-haggle subscription use that starts online. 

Care By Volvo’s subscription devise kicks off with a 2019 XC40 compress SUV that’s due in dealers this spring, and pricing starts during $600 a month (exclusive of taxation and registration costs). That might sound high for a tiny reward crossover, though that dollar figure includes insurance, telematics-based concierge service, roadside support and all maintenance, right down to allowances for circle and tire damage, not to discuss wear equipment like tires, wipers and brakes. 

Program terms embody a 24-month generation and 15,000 miles per year, and usually like we can with some mobile phone agreements, business will be given an choice to change vehicles and pointer on to a new 24-month tenure after 12 months. There is no down payment.

2019 Volvo XC40

With motorists’ augmenting acceptance of carsharing, subscription-based automobile models are being noticed by many automakers as both an event and an inevitability. But so far, usually a handful of brands, such as Cadillac, have dipped their toes in a pool (and even then, usually in name vital cities). Care By Volvo is rolling out nationally.

You won’t be means to name any Volvo we wish in a salon if we pointer on for Care By Volvo, during slightest not initially. The module is starting with this span of XC40 T5 all-wheel expostulate models, with a better-equipped R-Design using an additional $100/month:

  • XC40 T5 AWD Momentum with Premium Package, Vision Package, exhilarated front seats and exhilarated steering wheel, breathtaking roof and 19-inch black solid cut wheels
  • XC40 T5 AWD R-Design with Premium Package, Vision Package, Advanced Package, exhilarated front seats and exhilarated steering wheel, breathtaking roof, Harman Kardon Premium Sound and 20-inch, 5 double spoke matte solid cut wheels
2018 Volvo XC40Enlarge Image

Care By Volvo subscriptions run in renewable 24-month terms.


It might seem peculiar to get word by a automobile company, though it’s indeed utterly common in other countries. With Care By Volvo, business will be lonesome by a Liberty Mutual Insurance process charity $250,000 corporeal damage insurance per chairman and $500,000 corporeal damage coverage per accident. A $500 deductible relates to both extensive and collision coverage.

At slightest for a time being, Care By Volvo does not guarantee entrance to opposite vehicles from a company’s portfolio. One pivotal disproportion compared to Book By Cadillac, General Motors’ reward subscription service, is that a Detroit automaker’s module offers entrance to probably any car in a brand’s portfolio for one cost — in this case, a most costlier $1,800 a month.

If a subscription indication isn’t your thing, Volvo’s XC40 will also be accessible for normal undisguised squeeze or lease, commencement during $35,200 for a T5 AWD Momentum model. A reduction costly front-drive T4 indication will come online in summer 2018, starting during $33,200.

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