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Carles Puigdemont: The male who wants to mangle adult Spain

Catalan boss Carles Puigdemont gives a press discussion in Barcelona, on Oct 2, 2017.Image copyright
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Catalonia’s personality Carles Puigdemont says a segment has won a right to mangle divided from Spain

The expostulate for liberty that delivered a criminialized 1 Oct referendum did not start underneath his leadership. But such is his fervour for secession, that Catalonia’s President Carles Puigdemont is prepared to risk a existent liberty to grasp it.

In rebuttal of a law and Spain’s constitution, he has pushed brazen in a wish of general recognition.

It might good be a cursed tour in a eyes of Spain’s allies in Brussels and Washington – though a meek-looking encampment baker’s son from Girona is undaunted.

Spanish lessons

Born in Amer in 1962, he grew adult underneath a persecution of Gen Francisco Franco and was taught in Spanish during a church-run boarding school, though spoke Catalan during home like others of his generation.

Joan Matamala, a few years his comparison during a school, remembers a child everybody got on with, even a comparison pupils.

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Bookseller Joan Matamala went to propagandize with Carles Puigdemont

Mr Matamala runs a bookshop, Les Voltes, that has been compelling Catalan denunciation and enlightenment in Girona for 50 years. The immature Puigdemont did not come over as a healthy personality during a time though he was someone we did not forget, he says.

As a immature man, Puigdemont had a passion for his internal tongue, going on to investigate Catalan philology during a internal university and polishing colleagues’ duplicate when he initial found work in a city’s newspapers.

Miquel Riera worked with him during a fiercely pro-independence paper now famous as El Punt Avui, mostly late into a night.

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Miquel Riera worked with Carles Puigdemont during a pro-independence journal now famous as El Punt Avui

“Right from a start he was really meddlesome in new record and a internet,” says Mr Riera. This might have fed Puigdemont’s recognition of amicable media, that was essential in compelling a referendum campaign.

“He’s a male who creates friends easily,” says Mr Riera, whose 25-year-old son, he says, was painful on a chest by a military purloin boundary during a polling hire on Sunday.

Media captionThe BBC’s Tom Burridge on how a predicament in Spain is expected to unfold

Mr Puigdemont served as mayor of Girona from 2011 until 2016 when he was inaugurated informal boss of Catalonia.

There is no denying his star seductiveness among his supporters, who roar to take selfies with him during rallies.

His recognition cuts opposite class, entrance as he does from partially medium origins, outward a Catalan chosen that dominated a internal centre-right alliance, Convergence and Union (now famous as a Catalan European Democratic Party), for years.

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“Puigdemont has been positively pivotal to bringing Catalonia to where we are now,” says Montse Daban, general chairperson of a Catalan National Assembly, a grassroots pro-independence movement.

“He’s been an comprehensive and certain warn for Catalan citizens, who were already ancillary a liberty routine and saw with dismay that it was confronting several burdens.”

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The Catalan protests lead Catalan papers (above) though not Spanish ones

But his actions have brought him into dispute with Spanish law. And in a eyes of Spain’s government, a Catalan personality has ruthlessly combined a crisis, blazing all a bridges in sequence to make a uneven stipulation of independence.

“Democracy is not about voting – there are referenda in dictatorships too,” a Madrid supervision source told a BBC. “Only when we opinion with guarantees according to a law is it a democracy.”

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The images of assault during a polling stations were “150% partial of Puigdemont’s plan”, a source said.

“It’s hapless given it was a trap. There’s no doubt it looks bad for a Spanish government.”

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Thousands protested in Barcelona after a 1 Oct referendum was injured by violence

Mr Puigdemont talks a denunciation of liberty in a approach his some-more discreet predecessor, Artur Mas, did not during a dry run referendum of 2014, that was also criminialized by Madrid.

Speaking to a BBC following Sunday’s violence, Mr Puigdemont said: “I consider we’ve won a right to be heard, though what we find harder to know is this insusceptibility – or comprehensive miss of seductiveness – in bargain what is function here. They’ve never wanted to listen to us.

“How can we explain to a universe that Europe is a bliss of democracy if we strike aged women and people who’ve finished zero wrong? This is not acceptable. We haven’t seen such a jagged and heartless use of force given a genocide of a tyrant Franco.”

He has called for intervention – something a Spanish supervision says is unacceptable.

A Madrid source discharged a idea, revelation a BBC it would be “mediation between Spanish supervision and partial of a Spanish state… intervention between law and someone who has no framework.

“Mediation about what?”


According to a same source, Mr Puigdemont is bypassing his possess celebration in his fervour to announce independence, assembly grassroots pro-independence groups instead of conducting informal supervision business.

Would Mr Puigdemont risk a separate during a tip of a liberty transformation that could be deadly to a cause?

Media captionCarles Puigdemont spoke to a BBC on Tuesday evening

Out on a streets, expectations have soared as a concepts of liberty and democracy fuzz into one.

Some liberty supporters seem to have mislaid all fear of a Spanish military as their clarity of snub over Sunday’s assault grows.

A handwritten print on a Girona emporium front reads: “Whoever sows rebellion reaps freedom. 1 October.”

“He might be Spain’s many dangerous man, given he seems to be streamer towards a uneven stipulation of independence,” says Manuel Arias Maldonado, domestic scholarship highbrow during Málaga University.

“A opposite doubt is either he controls during all what happens in Catalonia right now.

“If this is a series – and it looks like one – his energy is discontinued given he can't foreordain events.”

Article source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-41508660