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Cartel consultant says Sean Penn, del Castillo could be in critical danger

It’s been only over 4 months given Sean Penn met with a world’s many wanted drug lord, and things aren’t going as a actor had planned.

“My essay has failed,” Penn told CBS’s Charlie Rose in an talk that will atmosphere on 60 Minutes this Sunday.

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.A male reads an essay about drug duke Joaquin Guzman, aka quot;El Chapoquot;, display a design of him (R) and US actor Sean Penn, on a website o...

A male reads an essay about drug duke Joaquin Guzman, aka “El Chapo”, display a design of him (R) and US actor …

The Oscar leader was referring to a 10,000-plus word screed detailing his assembly this Oct with scandalous Mexican conglomeration trainer Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, and a events heading adult to it. Rolling Stone published Penn’s essay this past Saturday, following Guzman’s constraint 6 months after his Hollywoodesque shun from a limit confidence jail this past July.

Penn had hoped that by interviewing a conduct of one of a world’s largest and deadliest drug cartels he could hint a suggestive discourse about U.S. drug fight policies. Instead, his talk is being credited with assisting lead Mexican authorities to a shy Guzman—a approval a actor does not want.

“There is this parable about a revisit that we made, my colleagues and we with El Chapo, that it was—as a Attorney General of Mexico is quoted—’essential’ to his capture,” Penn told Rose. “We had met with him many weeks earlier…on Oct 2nd, in a place nowhere nearby where he was captured.”

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.A counsel for Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman called for Sean Penn to attest in justice about his Rolling Stone article, adding that he would never have claim...

A counsel for Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman called for Sean Penn to attest in justice about his Rolling Stone article, …

Penn competence not have frankly participated in a hunt for El Chapo but, as Mexico’s Attorney General Arely Gomez explained on a internal radio hire this week, their meet-up “was an essential element, since we were following [Guzman’s] lawyer, and a counsel took us to these people and to this meeting.” 

According to Mike Vigil, a former arch of general operations with a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, that could be adequate to put Penn and Mexican singer Kate del Castillo, who facilitated a meeting, in jeopardy.

“These cartels are unequivocally violent, they do not pardon any misdemeanour and they will respond in a many aroused manner,” Vigil told Yahoo News. “These are people who have dismembered, who have decapitated individuals. So murdering Sean Penn and del Castillo means positively zero to them.”

Vigil, whose decades-long DEA career includes several years of clandestine work with Mexican cartels, pronounced he suspicion it was a drifting pierce on a Mexican government’s partial to ventilate any ties between a Penn assembly and Guzman’s arrest.

“If Chapo Guzman perceives that they cooperated with authorities in his capture, [the cartel] will go after them,” Vigil said, arguing that a risk is expected aloft for del Castillo since she was a one in hit with Guzman. She was a one whom Guzman’s associates were educated to yield with a Blackberry—the phone they’d deemed many secure—and it was their flirtatious correspondence that led to that fatal assembly in a jungle with Sean Penn. 

“He grown a childlike ardour with del Castillo and forgot about a fact that when he was prisoner in 2014, he was prisoner as a outcome of write monitoring,” Vigil said. “Apart from that, [del Castillo] is creatively from Mexico, she has all of her family in Mexico. One of a normal aroused methods [the cartels] use is if they can’t get to a target, they’ll go after their family members.”

He added, “If we were Kate del Castillo we would run like a wind.” 

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.Kate del Castillo, graphic on Nov 9, 2015, brokered a sitdown between Guzman and Penn (Photo: Mark Ralston/AFP)

Kate del Castillo, graphic on Nov 9, 2015, brokered a sitdown between Guzman and Penn (Photo: Mark Ral …

It took 13 years for authorities to lane down El Chapo after his initial jail mangle in 2001, and when he left again in July, a Mexican supervision took a lot of feverishness from U.S. officials and Mexican adults comparison who forked to Guzman’s escapes as justification of entrenched crime and an inability to troops a many absolute criminals.

Penn alluded to this energetic in one territory of his Rolling Stone article, in that he describes pushing by a troops checkpoint with Alfredo Guzman, El Chapo’s son, on a proceed to accommodate a male himself. 

“Two uniformed supervision soldiers, weapons during a ready, proceed a vehicle. Alfredo lowers his newcomer window; a soldiers behind away, looking embarrassed, and call us through,” Penn writes. “Wow. So it is, a energy of a Guzman face. And a crime of an institution.”

The Mexican supervision has pronounced it skeleton to extradite Guzman to a U.S. this time around. When that happens, Vigil said, there is a good possibility that Penn and del Castillo could be called to attest in sovereign justice about a assembly or certain damning tools of a Rolling Stone article, such as a one in that Guzman is quoted observant  “I supply some-more heroin, methamphetamine, heroin and pot than anybody else in a world. we have a swift of submarines, airplanes, trucks and boats.” 

While Penn pronounced he believes a Mexican authorities have deliberately attempted to put a censure on him for Guzman’s arrest, he told Charlie Rose he does not fear for his life. He does, however, have “a terrible regret.”

“I have a bewail that a whole contention about this essay ignores a purpose, that was to try to minister to this contention about a process in a War on Drugs,” Penn said.

Vigil doesn’t censure Penn, though he believes a talk was clearly a outrageous mistake for everybody involved.

“People in Hollywood have a bent to live in a cocoon and they unequivocally don’t know all of these implications,” he said.

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