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Cavaliers blow out Hawks, set NBA record with 25 three-pointers

CLEVELAND – A three-pointer for we Matthew Dellavedova, and a three-pointer for we Channing Frye. And dual threes for we Richard Jefferson and 3 for we Kevin Love. And 4 any for LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, and 7 – SEVEN! – for we J.R. Smith.

When a solid rainbow of threes stopped descending by a net (25-for-45, 55.6%), a Cavs were headed for their easiest feat of a postseason.The Cavaliers pummeled a Atlanta Hawks with a fusillade of threes, creation a playoff-record 25 three-pointers, including another playoff-record 18 threes – 18! – in a initial half. It was a many three-pointers in any NBA game, unchanging deteriorate or playoffs.

“Tonight was a special night for a organization,” James said.

Cleveland soundly degraded Atlanta 123-98 in Game 2 on Wednesday, holding a 2-0 array lead in this Eastern Conference semifinal series.

“It was pleasing to watch,” Cavs manager Tyronn Lue said. “I suspicion we done a right play. We done a right pass. The turn changed and guys got their shots.”

With no approach of meaningful what Game 2 would hold, Lue did stress pregame a forms of shots a Cavs were looking for.

“If we can fire 40%, that would be good for us,” Lue pronounced before Game 2. “At times you’re not going to make shots. My whole thing to my group is to continue to preach, ‘If you’re open and it’s you’re shot, you’ve got to take it and take it with confidence.’  Because a approach teams are personification us, a approach Atlanta’s personification us, they’re make-up a paint, so guys are going to have to make open shots.”

James, who changed past Tim Duncan and into fifth-place on a all-time playoff scoring list, finished with 27 points on 9-for-15 shooting. He did not play in a fourth quarter.

With his dad, Earl, examination from a fifth quarrel of Quicken Loans Arena, Cavs ensure J.R. Smith scored 23 points and done 7-for-13 threes, and Irving had 19 points. Love had 11 points and 13 rebounds and has available a double-double in each playoff diversion this season.

“J.R. Smith is a usually one on a group who has a ultra-green light,” James said.

Ten Cavs players done during slightest one three, and three-ball is Cleveland’s best crony by 6 playoff games.

The Cavaliers are a best three-point sharpened group in a 2016 NBA playoffs, creation 16.2 threes per diversion and sharpened 45.3% from that stretch – both No. 1 in a postseason. They also have attempted a many threes per diversion (35.7).

The adage used to be ‘Live by a three, die by three.’ But that’s no longer a box in today’s NBA where larger significance has been placed on holding and creation threes.

With a ability of James and Love to post-up nearby a basket and Irving’s aptitude for pushing to a basket, defenses collapse, withdrawal shooters, such as Smith, Jefferson, Frye and Dellavedova open during a three-point. Love, James and Irving are also some-more than able of creation threes.
The Cavs were also one of a best three-point sharpened teams during a unchanging season, and they have a crew to do it.If a group can’t make a 3 with some grade of efficiency, it can't survive. Not in an 82-game season. Not in a playoffs.

If a group contingency make threes in a NBA, it contingency also urge that shot, too. The Hawks scrambled on invulnerability many of a diversion incompetent to keep adult with Cleveland’s turn transformation – a additional pass heading to better, wide-open shots. In a end, Cleveland finished with 27 assists on 41 done baskets.

“For a final month and a half, that’s flattering most a approach we’ve been playing,” Lue noted. “We’ve been pity a basketball, personification during a high tempo, relocating bodies. The final month of a season, we were aiding on about 70% of a shots.”

The Cavs done 8 three-pointers in a initial quarter, 10 in a second, 4 in a third and three in a third. Cleveland scored 39 points in a second entertain and led 74-38 during halftime.

After Game 2 opposite a initial turn opposite a Detroit Pistons, a Cavs done 20 threes. Asked if a Cavs start sport threes, James gave a counterintuitive answer.

“I’m a loyal follower in a turn carrying energy,” James said. When you’ve got guys that’s creation shots, it’s a unwavering bid for me to not tumble into it. When my shooters got it going, we have to be a one to say, ‘Ok, well, we need to get to a rim. You need to continue to put vigour on a defense,’ since we don’t wish to supplement to a weight of us only casting three-point shots.”

He added: “We have shooters. They are designated snipers, and that’s what we got them for and I’m not one of them. I’m some-more like a tank or something like that.”

Snipers, tanks, it didn’t matter. The Cavs had an all-out attack on a Hawks.

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