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Cavs looking to start new winning strain after 13-game run ends in detriment to Pacers

12:50 AM ET

INDIANAPOLIS — With a Cavaliers’ franchise-record-tying 13-game winning strain finale with a 106-102 detriment to a Indiana Pacers on Friday night, a biggest beating in Cleveland’s postgame locker room stemmed from news that continue issues would check a organisation moody home, not a defeat.

If anything, a detriment supposing Cleveland a possibility to simulate on a organisation it has spin in a final 3 ½ weeks, going from a 5-7 record to holding a No. 3 mark in a Eastern Conference standings.

“Just showed that we’re able of personification Cavaliers basketball,” manager Tyronn Lue pronounced of a run. “Got a unequivocally assured unit, and tonight, we talked about it in a locker room, got to start a new streak. It was a good streak, and came in here and got beat. So it’s time to start a new one.”

Oladipo, Pacers finish Cavaliers 13-game winning streak

  • Cavs’ Rose says he competence need ankle surgery

    Speaking to media for a initial time given he rejoined a Cavs, Derrick Rose pronounced he competence need medicine for a bone coax in his left ankle.

  • The Cavs (18-8) will get their possibility to get behind on lane Saturday during home opposite a Philadelphia 76ers, a organisation they kick 113-91 on a highway for win No. 8 of 13 during a streak.

    “Listen, that was a good streak,” pronounced James, who progressing in a week pronounced he wouldn’t start zeroing in on a fibre of success until it reached during slightest 25 games. “We never talked about it, we only played any game, executed any game. Streaks are meant to be broken, obviously. We came in, we knew this was going to be a tough diversion for us, they’ve been personification intensely good during home. But we gave ourselves a chance. That’s all we can ask for. Best thing about this joining is we always, many of a time you’ve got another one reduction than 24 hours. We unequivocally have that.”

    Cleveland trailed by 11 points to start a diversion before righting itself and holding a six-point lead into halftime. Indiana’s Victor Oladipo went off for 20 of his game-high 33 points in a third entertain to spin a movement behind in a Pacers’ favor, and a Cavs trailed by as many as 7 in a fourth entertain before descending by four.

    The Cavs had been generally clever in a fourth entertain during a streak, quite Kyle Korver — whom a organisation started pursuit Mr. Fourth Korver for his late-game heroics — though they fell prosaic over a final 12 mins in Indy.

    The Cavs did their pursuit defensively in a final frame, holding a Pacers to 17 points on 5-for-23 shooting, though they were an equally malnutritioned 6-for-19 from a domain and scored only 16 points, not convalescent a lead notwithstanding slicing it to a one-possession domain several times.

    Korver was totally off in a fourth, going 0-for-4 from a domain (0-for-3 on 3-pointers) and entrance adult dull in what had been his time to shine.

    “Sometimes we only miss,” he said. “The fourth entertain has been a strongest entertain a final small while, that’s when we’ve been unequivocally good. Tonight for some reason, we couldn’t get shots to fall.”

    Was he astounded to go vacant after being so sealed in late in games during a streak?

    “I don’t know if ‘surprised’ is a right word,” Korver said. “Disappointed for sure, we know. But tomorrow is another game.”

    Cleveland scored only 39 points sum in a second half, accounting for a lowest-scoring half of a season.

    “We missed shots,” James said. “Kyle Korver missed 3 open 3s. Has he finished that given a strain started? Nope. JR [Smith] missed dual open 3s. we missed some shots. We executed a offense, generally to start that fourth. We did have dual 24-second shot time violations that we didn’t like, though a guys who we got a round to in a fourth entertain got some unequivocally good looks. Just didn’t make them go down.”

    The Cavs sounded unaffected in their idea of regulating a Sixers diversion to infer they are truly a opposite organisation from a one they were during a commencement of a season, notwithstanding what happened in Indiana.

    “I only suspicion starting off delayed a approach we did, 5-7, to burst ourselves adult in a standings, and now removing a loss, [the best thing is] removing right behind to it,” Dwyane Wade said. “We have a diversion tomorrow, and whenever we have a strain like that, we say, ‘Alright that was good, let’s get another one.’ So your concentration is to be a good team. You don’t wish to go behind to personification .500 basketball. You go behind to we win some in a row, and if we take a detriment we continue to do that. So we got to burst right behind on it.”

    The subsequent plea for a Cavs, outward of their opponents, will be anticipating they don’t humour division by further and remove their stroke as Isaiah Thomas, Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert and Derrick Rose get healthy.

    “I consider we all know what we can be as a team,” Korver said. “We know we’re going to keep elaborating as a organisation as players start entrance behind in and play. So we don’t know if we schooled anything, though we consider we had a lot of fun personification basketball, and it’s good to know that we can do that with this organisation and this group, and as prolonged as we stay healthy, there’s a lot of good basketball ahead.”

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