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CBS receives summons from a Manhattan District Attorney associated to Leslie Moonves

CBS Corporation pronounced it has perceived a summons associated to former CEO Leslie Moonves from a New York County District Attorney, according to a Friday filing with a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

CBS pronounced a summons was “regarding a theme matter” of a company’s review into passionate bungle allegations opposite Moonves, “CBS News and informative issues during all levels of CBS.”

CBS pronounced it also perceived a summons from a New York City Commission on Human Rights and that a New York State Attorney General has also requested information.

Moonves departed as CEO on Sep 9 following mixed allegations of passionate attack published in The New Yorker.

A CBS orator declined to comment. The association pronounced in a SEC filing that it is auxiliary with any inquiries. 

Some CBS employees recently perceived a “document refuge notice,” revelation them to not “destroy specified documents.” The letter, sent around email, refers to papers associated to a New York County D.A.’s subpoena, as good as a ask from a law organisation representing a CBS stockholder. 

It privately references Moonves’ function and communications with women who have indicted him of passionate attack or passionate harassment: “The DA’s summons relates to allegations and complaints opposite Leslie Moonves; any inner investigations into allegations or complaints relating to harassment, passionate harassment, or other melancholy or unwelcome function involving Mr. Moonves or other CBS Corporation employees; agreements and papers associated to certain people who have done allegations opposite Mr. Moonves that have been reported in a press; and CBS’s policies and procedures for addressing allegations of workplace nuisance or discrimination.”

The “preservation obligations” also describe to “payments done to or for a advantage of Illeana Douglas, Phyllis Golden-Gottlieb, Deborah Green, Deborah Kitay, or Christine Peters.”

Those women were all named in dual articles in The New Yorker creation claims of passionate attack or bungle opposite Moonves. Moonves has denied a allegations.

It was misleading how many CBS employees perceived a letter.

The full matter from Friday’s SEC filing follows:

As announced on Aug 1, 2018, a Board of Directors of CBS Corporation (“CBS” or a “Company”) has defended dual law firms to control a full review of a allegations in new press reports about CBS’s former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CBS News and informative issues during all levels of CBS. This review is ongoing.

The Company has perceived subpoenas from a New York County District Attorney’s Office and a New York City Commission on Human Rights per a theme matter of this review and associated matters. The New York State Attorney General’s Office has also requested information about these matters. The Company might accept additional associated regulatory and inquisitive inquiries from these and other entities in a future.

The Company is auxiliary with a ongoing review and associated inquiries.

–Erin Donaghue contributed to this report

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