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CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 Preview

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The initial week of a year ushers in what many in a high-tech attention cruise a cost we contingency all compensate – a large CES (formerly famous as a Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. The week filled with fad and depletion from all a new product announcements, unconstrained exhibits, and unfit assembly schedules. CES does, however, set a trends for a consumer product attention for a entrance year and this year will be no exception. 2017 will be a year of a Intelligence of Things and a consumer experience.

Unlike prior years where CES was filled with companies with half-baked products and business skeleton for connected device underneath a over used difficulty of a Internet of Things (IoT), 2017 will be about creation some-more things that emanate and use intelligence. From consumer inclination to industrial applications to cars, all is now about formulating and regulating intelligence. Devices like a Amazon Echo and a unconstrained car demos were only a tip of a intelligent device iceberg, though demeanour for some-more tech leaders to lead this charge, not a only start-ups. It takes some-more than a 3rd celebration product pattern and new tag to play in this segment. It takes an ecosystem and a business devise around choice ways to monetize a intelligence, most like what a Internet powerhouses have come to embody. And, as with a past few years, a North Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center that houses a automotive exhibits and a Sands Exhibition Center that residence a new and innovative technologies, will be a centers for excitement.

However, CES would not be CES though glossy new gadgets and there will be plenty, though a importance is changeable from new gadgets to formulating a some-more immersive knowledge with new devices.  In a past, a importance has been on improved video – HD to 4k to 8k. While a pixel series marches on, a marketplace for immersive consumer practice is about some-more than only still large-screen video, it is about audio, mobility seamless device-to-device interaction, a accumulation of user interfaces, and discerning applications. At a forefront of this are a new protracted existence (AR) and practical existence (VR) solutions.

Another rising trend is expelling wires compared with consumer devices. We have talked about it in a past with wireless charging and high-speed interfaces, though is finally gaining steam going into 2017. One sold area saying new life is wireless earbuds. Audio is vicious to a immersive experience, though it is a plea to emanate light weight and gentle solutions with excusable battery life and high-quality audio. Expect to see many announcements around a record and inclination for wireless audio.

Newly denounced Haier Ubot domicile robots are shown in a kitchen arrangement during a CES 2016 Consumer Electronics Show on Jan 8, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. AFP PHOTO/ DAVID MCNEW / AFP / DAVID MCNEW (Photo credit should examination DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty Images)

And of course, there will be announcements in a other prohibited areas, such as robotics and drones, that if zero else are fascinating demonstrations to watch. However, a loyal diamonds in a severe come from a creation section in a Sands Exhibition Center and a dusk press events, including CES Unveiled, Pepcom, and ShowStoppers. These events are filled with new companies and products creation it mostly formidable to find a diamond, though they yield some engaging insights.

As always, TIRIAS Research will be during a uncover covering a announcements, assembly with a companies for a some-more in-depth technical review, and a occasional personification with a new toys. Look for some-more from all of us during TIRIAS Research on CES 2017.

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