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Charges Dropped Against All Remaining Officers In Freddie Gray Case

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Charges have been forsaken opposite all a officers who still faced contention in tie with a genocide of 25-year-old Freddie Gray final April.

The prosecutors’ preference was announced during a pretrial motions contention for Officer Garrett Miller, who faced charges of second-degree assault, bungle in bureau and brazen endangerment.

Four Baltimore officers already stood contention in tie to Gray’s death. Three were clear by Judge Barry Williams: Officer Edward Nero, Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. and Lt. Brian Rice.

Officer William Porter, whose initial contention finished in a hung jury in December, had been set to conduct behind to probity in September. Officer Alicia White had a probity date in October.

The Baltimore Police Department has expelled a matter observant all 6 officers will be behind on a payroll effective immediately, nonetheless they will sojourn on executive duty.

Officer Miller and Officer Nero were always on paid executive duties, while Officer Goodson and Lt. Rice had their compensate easy after their acquittals. Sgt. White and Officer Porter had been dangling though pay.

“The comfortless genocide of Mr. Freddy [sic] Gray has influenced many emotions in all of us,” Commissioner Kevin Davis wrote. “And while we are all entitled to a possess opinions, we are not entitled to a possess facts. Our American rapist probity complement has run a course, and today’s preference by State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is a correct one that will positively assistance Baltimore to continue to heal.”


Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby hold a news contention around 11 a.m. during Gilmore Homes in West Baltimore, nearby a plcae where Freddie Gray was taken into custody.

It was a initial time she was means to criticism on a cases given Judge Williams released a wisecrack sequence exclusive both prosecutors and a invulnerability from vocalization publicly about them.

Chants of “we’re with you” pennyless out before a start of a conference.

“For those that trust that I’m anti-police, it’s simply not a case,” she began. I’m anti-police brutality. we need not remind we that a usually detriment and a biggest detriment in all of this was that of Freddie Gray’s life. For over a year, my bureau has been forced to sojourn wordless in all 6 of a cases regarding to and surrounding a genocide of Freddie Gray. Despite being physically and professionally threatened, mocked, ridiculed, tormented and even sued, we reputable and over a requirement and responsible overpower in suitability with Judge Barry Williams’ wisecrack order, restricting any explanation from a state. In suitability with my promise to pursue probity over conviction, we exclude to concede a grandstanding of some and a exaggeration of others to lessen a solve to find probity on interest of this juvenile man. we was inaugurated a prosecutor. we sealed adult for this, and we can take it. Because no matter how cryptic and heavy it has been for my office, my prosecutors, my family, and me personally, it pales into comparison to what mothers and fathers all opposite this country… go by on a daily basement meaningful their son’s tiny preference to run from a military valid to be a fatal one.”

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Mosby also addressed Gray’s mom and stepfather specifically: “Please know that even yet a media has finished this about all though a black genocide of your son, my bureau has never wavered in a joining to seeking probity on your behalf.”

She combined that “the assign of on-duty military officers in this republic is unsurprisingly singular and blatantly diligent with systemic and fundamental complications.”

“Unlike with other cases where prosecutors work closely with a military to examine what indeed occurred, what we satisfied unequivocally early on in this box was military questioning police, either they’re friends or merely their colleagues, was problematic. There was a hostility and an apparent disposition that was consistently exemplified not by a whole Baltimore military department, though by people within a military dialect in any state of a examination that became blatantly apparent in a successive trials.”

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She went on to say, that “as a mother, a preference not to ensue on a remaining trials is agonizing.” But, “as a arch prosecutor inaugurated by a adults of Baltimore, we contingency cruise a gloomy odds of self-assurance during this point.”

“What we eventually schooled via this strenuous routine is that, nonetheless no tiny task, probity is always value a cost paid for a pursuit. You see, in annoy of a fact that a verdicts didn’t go in a favor, there have been many gains via this tour to safeguard that what happened to Freddie Gray never happens to another chairman that comes into hit with police.”

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She forked to a roll-out of body-worn military cameras in a city, a reforms in procedures for securing detainees inside military vans, a new cameras inside military vans and a new procedures for when detainees ask medical attention.

Watch her residence in a entirety below.

Gray’s stepfather announced after a contention that a family stands behind Mosby and her team.

“It was wrong what they did to my son,” contend Freddie Gray’s mom, Gloria Darden. “They lied and we know they lied. we know they killed him.

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At a news contention hold around 1 p.m., Lt. Gene Ryan of a Fraternal Order of Police pronounced “justice has been done.”

“Our kinship will continue to support a officers during their executive hearings and trust these good officers will be returned to fulfilling their duties with a Baltimore City Police Department and portion a adults of Baltimore City. The group and women of a Baltimore Police Department are intensely dedicated to portion a adults of Baltimore any day. The comments finished currently about a officers by Ms. Mosby were vast and uncalled for.”

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Defense Attorney Ivan Bates, who represents Sgt. Alicia White, also spoke during a FOP conference. All of a 6 officers charged in a Freddie Gray box and their authorised member were in attendance, nonetheless nothing of a officers spoke.

“Baltimore, it’s time to heal,” Bates said.

“Anytime there’s a occurrence like this, it’s always a unhappy time when a family loses anyone’s son. But we also have to commend that on May 1, 2015, that’s when a calamity began for all these officers. And that is when we saw a State’s Attorney for Baltimore City travel down a stairs and announce to a universe a charges, announce to a universe what they felt and what they wanted a justification to be.”

Former Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts tells a media partner The Baltimore Sun that City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is “in over her head” and has combined some-more flaws to a damaged probity complement by prosecuting trusting officers.

“She’s immature, she’s incompetent, she’s vengeful and that’s not how a probity complement is ostensible to work,” former Baltimore military commissioner Anthony W. Batts pronounced on Wednesday. “The probity complement is ostensible to be though disposition for military officers, for African Americans, for everyone.”


Batts was discharged some-more than a year ago following a Baltimore riots and an shocking spike in violence.


Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake released a matter Wednesday afternoon.

“Today State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby discharged all rapist charges opposite a remaining officers associated to a genocide of Freddie Gray,” it reads.

“While a State’s Attorney’s preference brings an finish to a rapist proceedings, a Baltimore Police Department will still finish an executive examination of any officer involved. we commend a romantic inlet of this case. The eyes of a nation, indeed a world, have been on Baltimore for a unequivocally prolonged time and we appreciate a adults of a city for their calm during these trials. Now we ask a adults to again join me in being studious as a executive routine moves forward.”

The Democratic hopeful for mayor, state Senator Catherine Pugh, spoke with WJZ by phone.

“I’ve listened a conversations and had a conversations with a military commissioner as we now start to put physique cameras on a military officers and cameras inside of a vans, but, we know, what I’m some-more endangered about is a incomparable contention around training,” she said.

“The military commissioner has already implemented a new complement by that any military officer is told and contingency acknowledge that they perceived a new manners that will come down from a military department, though we need to make people feel protected in a neighborhoods and a communities, so that is about how do we emanate that honour for a community… so we got a lot of discussions that still need to be had.”

From an eventuality in Florida, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump even reacted to a news.

“I consider she ought to prosecute herself,” he pronounced of Mosby. “I consider it was infamous what she did, and a approach she did it.”

In response to Trump’s statements, Mosby says, “Like First Lady Michelle Obama said, when they go low we go high.”

She referred to a First Lady’s debate Monday night during a Democratic National Convention.

University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law highbrow Douglas Colbert concluded with Mosby that changes have come out of her office’s preference to move charges opposite a officers.

“I consider what a State’s Attorney has finished is something that unequivocally few internal prosecutors will ever do in this country, that is to take on a unequivocally absolute military kinship and to move rapist charges where she believes that a justification supports a charge,” he told WJZ.

“I don’t consider anyone should have any doubt that there was justification here that compulsory a bringing of rapist charges. The fact that they did not accommodate a judge’s weight of explanation over a reasonable doubt is a unequivocally detached weight than either or not these charges would have been prosecuted or simply discharged like 98 or 99 percent of people killed in military custody, there are never charges brought. So now we during slightest can demeanour during what happened to Freddie Gray, we can demeanour during what needs to be finished to remodel military practices and we can hopefully make certain that no one else suffers a predestine that Freddie Gray did.”

Colbert adds that he thinks a officers had “very satisfactory trials.”

“I usually wish that any bad chairman and operative chairman in a city would be means to get a same form of effective illustration and satisfactory trial,” he said.

“I consider it’s a day where no one unequivocally celebrates victory,” Public Safety Expert Rob Weinhold told WJZ over a phone after a proclamation of a exclusion of charges was made.

“You have officers who have been charged, their careers disrupted and presumably destroyed. You have Freddie Gray who is dead. You have a family that’s in mourning. You have a city that’s been ripped apart. we consider there are some positives that came from this in terms of policing and village family and hopefully it’s on a uptick during this point. But I’ve gotta tell we a greeting of a military department, everybody is in a same vessel — blissful a charges were dropped, wondering because it took so prolonged and that eventually there are a lot of people who are indignant that a charges were brought to start with in a demeanour with that they were approached.”

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