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Charles Johnson’s ‘Rutherford’s Travels’ arrives in Chicago – Chicago Sun

In an talk with American Theatre, author and MacArthur Fellow Charles Johnson discusses “Rutherford’s Travels,” a new theatre instrumentation of his novel “Middle Passage,” that winds a approach to Chicago in a universe premiere production at Pegasus Theatre Chicago (1105 W. Chicago) Nov. 2-Dec. 4. The play is destined by Ilesa Duncan, formed on her co-adaptation with David Barr III, with choreography by Nicole Clarke-Springer, and song by Shawn Wallace.

Rutherford's Travels during Pegasus Theatre Chicago

“Rutherford’s Travels” during Pegasus Theatre Chicago

“The novel tells a story of Rutherford Calhoun, a liberated worker from pre-Civil War New Orleans who unknowingly play an bootleg worker boat firm for Africa and witnesses a constraint and subjugation of a (fictional) Allmuseri clan of West Africa,” a story states.

In a QA, Johnson reveals: “One of a things about ‘Middle Passage’ that we consider creates it work as a story are a ideas embodied in a action. They don’t come during we only by a discourse — a ideas are embodied in petrify things, like a boat and a sea. The sea is a Buddhist void. The ship, a Republic, is this commonwealth that we live in. The book is complicated on metaphor, and a several genuine petrify things in it indeed physique onward a ideas.” Read a full story here.

Johnson is scheduled to attend a Chicago premiere

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