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Charlie Sheen’s ex-pal Lenny Dykstra claims actor will be taken down by a feds

Lenny Dykstra, a former MLB player, ex-convict and ex-best crony of Charlie Sheen, sat down for a divulgence talk with The Hollywood Reporter

The 54-year-old told a announcement that he has believe that a scandal-embroiled actor is “on a verge of being prosecuted, in a devious way, for intentionally swelling his HIV — and that a actor is underneath sovereign review for taxation and handle fraud.”

The former Mets actor pronounced he is undetermined as to since Sheen has not attempted to run from a law.

He mused, “I don’t know since Charlie doesn’t try to leave a country.”

Dykstra claimed he is “sickened” by Sheen’s behavior.

“I am not a saint, though we will not endure a male violence a woman,” Dykstra pronounced in a explosive chat.

Currently, Dykstra is weighing a probability of creation a documentary about Sheen’s life, he claimed. 

“Charlie is removing what he deserves. When you’ve been where I’ve been, I’m not fearful of anything,” pronounced Dykstra.

Before, a dual stars had a descending out, their loyalty shaped over a $3,000-bottle of red booze during Sheen’s Malibu home in 1993.

But a span mislaid touch, usually reconnecting in 2011 before to a former ball player’s jail stint.

“Charlie came using adult to me, hugging me, revelation me how most he missed me,” Dykstra claimed. “I could tell he was illuminated adult though in good spirits.”

Soon Dykstra combined chartering deals tied to Sheen, like a vaping product Nico-Sheen and Sheen Vodka. The products never materialized.

And a former personal manager for Sheen, Mark Burg, pronounced Dykstra’s business ventures were not welcomed by Sheen or his representatives.

“Lenny was a crony of Charlie’s who attempted to get some-more endangered in his life, and we don’t consider he ever wanted that,” pronounced Burg.

Dykstra claimed Sheen’s purported drug use increasing in 2014. 

“It was right out of a poser view thriller, with a shifting bookcase. we walked in and Charlie was station there with a potion d–k,  — a moment siren — in one palm and his phone in a other. we took one demeanour around, there’s all this stuff, cold paintings and Babe Ruth’s ring, and we said, ‘Charlie, we have to admit, if you’re going to fume crack, this has got to be a best moment basement on a planet!’ That pennyless a ice,” recounted Dykstra.

Dykstra claimed it was during that assembly that Sheen common he was HIV positive. Dykstra purported Sheen told him he got HIV from a transsexual partner. Dykstra pronounced he speedy his crony to come brazen publicly with a news, even arranging a press discussion though Sheen allegedly canceled final minute. Several other people reliable to a announcement a press discussion orchestrated by Dykstra was in a works during a time.

Sheen eventually suggested to a universe he was HIV certain in a “Today” uncover lay down in 2015.

Later that year, Dykstra grew endangered Sheen was suicidal.  He texted him a note of impulse though Sheen responded, “I’m too sleepy bro going divided now where no one can harm me ever again f— tv f— media f— a open f— slicing deals f— removing rolled we possess my law perpetually adios senior…”

The play surrounding a doubtful pals continued and Dykstra pronounced their loyalty suffered.

Sheen and Dykstra have not spoke given Dec. 21, 2014 after a two-hour phone call, a ex-MLB star said. After most arguing, Dykstra pronounced they reconciled though never spent time togehter in chairman again. Dykstra claims this is since Sheen was broke after training his crony saw him in a ostensible sex tape.

“He couldn’t face me. He knows what we saw. He’s humiliated.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sheen and a IRS would criticism on a story.

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Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/02/07/charlie-sheens-ex-pal-lenny-dykstra-claims-actor-will-be-taken-down-by-feds.html