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Chevy Bolt: Testing for ‘approachable’ 200-mile operation EV revealed

We schooled really few new sum about a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV today, though General Motors expelled a growth video that will expected excite fans and intensity buyers of a 200-mile electric car.

The bulk of today’s GM media display is about a 2016 Chevy Cruze, to be denounced tonight.

But GM’s Electrification group incited out in full force to plead a Bolt EV in a lead-up to a Cruze launch.

The idea of a Bolt EV, pronounced Pam Fletcher, is to make “electric cars approachable to a all, not only to a elite.”

That would be a thinly potential puncture during Tesla Motors, that customarily gets vast amounts of media courtesy for a announced skeleton to broach a 200-mile Model 3 sedan in late 2017 during a cost of $35,000.

Right now, a slightest costly battery-electric automobile with a 200-mile operation is a Tesla Model S 70D, starting during $75,000, with a operation of 240 miles.

Josh Tavel, arch operative for a Bolt EV, assimilated Fletcher to note that pre-production prototypes of a Bolt EV were already being fabricated by palm in both South Korea and Orion, Michigan, in a plant where a automobile will be constructed for tellurian sale.

Indeed, a video shows camouflaged Bolts in speed and acceleration tests, being charged during a DC quick-charging hire (using a U.S.-German CCS connector, of course), and in thermal testing.

The interiors are deftly lonesome or obscured, so really few sum are available.

But if there’s an altogether message, it’s that GM is already good along on contrast what will turn a prolongation Bolt–and some-more sum will be forthcoming.

And, as Fletcher and group underscored several times, that GM resolutely believes a Bolt will be a “game changer” for electric cars.

It will be sole in all 50 states, and with a 2016 Chevrolet Spark EV rising national in Canada this October, it seems judicious to design a same for a Bolt EV as well.

Fletcher, Tavel, and a group declined to answer questions about a underlying height or design used for a Bolt EV.

Industry reports advise that it will be identical to that used underneath a next-generation Chevy Sonic subcompact lineup, that will also be built during a Orion Assembly Plant.

Those cars are expected to be assimilated on a public line by a new tiny Cadillac SUV, if this morning’s reports are to be believed

GM also declined to criticism on a lithium-ion dungeon retailer for a Bolt EV or a distance of a battery pack.

Fletcher did say, however, that “LG Chem has been a really valued and devoted supplier.”

We consider that’s a curtsy and a wink.

[General Motors supposing airfare, lodging, and dishes to capacitate High Gear Media to move we this first-person report.]

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