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China closes propagandize ‘teaching women to be obedient’

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The hospital reportedly suggested women not to disagree when scolded

Chinese authorities have close down an hospital that was training women to be deferential and subordinate to men.

The preparation business pronounced a institute, that claimed it taught “traditional virtues”, had disregarded revolutionary core values.

An online video showed lecturers vocalization out opposite gender equality, while other recommendation to women enclosed not fighting behind when being beaten.

China has seen a arise in identical institutes in new years.

The viral video posted by news website Video Pear shows teachers during a Fushun School of Traditional Culture revelation women they should not try to have a career though “just stay during a bottom level”.

It urges women to completely conform their fathers, husbands and sons.

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Other “advice” from a argumentative propagandize enclosed never arguing when scolded and never divorcing.

The teachers are also seen warning that if a lady has sex with some-more than 3 men, a semen becomes unwholesome and competence kill her.

“Whatever your father asks, your respond should be: ‘Yes. Right away'” one techer tells her students.

The video showed women doing domestic housework such as cleaning a building and cleaning toilets regulating unclothed hands.

According to a Global Times newspaper, several employees of a institute, that reportedly non-stop in 2011, protested opposite a closure, revelation a paper a argumentative video was a falsification of their work to foster normal culture.

A post on a Weibo comment of a internal preparation business in Fushun pronounced “the institute’s teachings went opposite amicable probity and contingency be sealed immediately”.

Authorities also urged a wider check to find identical institutes.

“We contingency stop any materialisation that violates a revolutionary core value,” a matter says.

Article source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-42218618