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China discovers winged, feathered ‘dragon’ dinosaur

Beijing (CNN)Around 125 million years ago, a mule-sized dinosaur with a prolonged tail and short, resplendently-feathered wings roamed a dilemma of what is now northeastern China.

Researchers suggested a find of Zhenyuanlong suni, a tighten relations of a distant some-more famous cousin — a velociraptor, after edition a print of a remarkably recorded fossil.

The vestige shows a finish skeleton of a animal, as good as a skull displayed in profile. Clearly manifest around a creature’s brief arms are a settlement of prolonged feathers, that also seem to have flashy a dinosaur’s tail.

“The cold thing here is that it is a dinosaur that looks a lot like a bird,” says Stephen Brusatte, a Scotland-based paleontologist who is one of a co-authors of a report.

The find has left scientists with a question.

“This is a initial time that we have wings found on a dinosaur this vast with brief arms. There’s no approach it could fly,” Brusatte explains, in a phone talk with CNN.