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China impassioned weather: Dozens die in Jiangsu province

Media captionThe hurricane leaves scenes of devastation

A hurricane and snowstorm have killed during slightest 78 people and harm scarcely 500 in a easterly Chinese range of Jiangsu, according to state media.

Accompanied by torrential rain, a hurricane struck a hinterland of a city of Yancheng on Thursday afternoon.

Nearly 500 people were injured, 200 of them critically, and a series of homes were flattened.

Floods in tools of southern China killed 22 people progressing this week.

Video from a stage of a hurricane shows harmed children being ecstatic on a backs of mopeds, overturned vehicles, snapped trees and travel light poles, and defeated electricity pylons.

“It was like a finish of a world,” internal proprietor Xie Litian told state news group Xinhua.

“I listened a gales and ran upstairs to close a windows. we had frequency reached a tip of a stairs when we listened a bang and saw a whole wall with a windows on it ripped away.”

President Xi Jinping systematic “all-out rescue efforts” to assistance those influenced by a storms.

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Houses were flattened by a absolute storms, withdrawal many internal residents homeless

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Media captionA absolute hurricane has struck easterly China. Helen Willetts has a latest continue sum in a region.

Many tools of China have been strike by torrential rains this week.

The floods in southern China replaced scarcely 200,000 people, state media said.

Direct mercantile waste from a floods are estimated to be 2.7bn yuan ($410m).

Vice-Premier Wang Yang pronounced China faced flighty continue conditions as a outcome of a change of El Nino on continue patterns.

Media captionMeteorologist Matt Taylor explains what El Nino is

Article source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-36607600