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China no longer needs America’s assistance to build a world’s fastest supercomputer

The TaihuLight is able of 93 petaflops, or quadrillion calculations per second, according to TOP500. It is dictated for use in engineering and investigate including climate, weather, life sciences, modernized production and information analytics.

Its tip speed is about 5 times that of Oak Ridge’s Titan, that uses Cray, NVIDIA and Opteron technology.

Other countries with computers in a Top 10 were Japan, Switzerland, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

The TaihuLight is due to be introduced Tuesday during a International Supercomputing Conference in Frankfurt by a executive of a Wuxi center, Guangwen Yang.

“As a initial No. 1 complement of China that is totally formed on homegrown processors, a Sunway TaihuLight complement demonstrates a poignant swell that China has done in a domain of conceptualizing and production large-scale mathematics systems,” Yang was quoted as observant in a TOP500 statement.

The TaihuLight uses Chinese-developed ShenWei processors, “ending any remaining conjecture that China would have to rest on Western record to contest effectively in a tip echelons of supercomputing,” TOP500 pronounced in a statement.

The second-fastest computer, a Tianhe-2 during a National Supercomputer Center in a southern city of Guangzhou, is able of 33 petaflops. It uses chips done by Intel Corp.

Among countries with a many computers on a tip 500 list, Germany was in fourth place with 26 systems, France was subsequent with 18, followed by Britain with 12.

The TOP500 is gathered by Erich Strohmaier of NERSC/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Jack Dongarra of a University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Horst Simon of NERSC/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Martin Meuer of Prometeus GmbH, a German record company. Another contributor, Hans Meuer of Germany’s University of Mannheim, died in 2014.

Article source: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/06/20/china-no-longer-needs-americas-help-to-build-the-worlds-fastest-supercomputer.html