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China’s envoy to Malaysia downplays concerns over injustice remarks

KUALA LUMPUR: China’s envoy to Malaysia on Monday (Sep 28) downplayed concerns over argumentative statements that he done during a warn revisit to Petaling Street, also famous locally as Chinatown, in Kuala Lumpur final Friday.

Ambassador Huang Huikang pronounced his remarks were done with good intentions, though were taken out of context and misinterpreted. His revisit came forward of a supposed “red shirt” convene in a area opposite mostly Chinese traders, that was after aborted after a personality was arrested.

Mostly Malay “red shirts” took to a streets with 30,000 marchers in a center of Sep to uncover support for Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is battling allegations of crime and mismanagement during gladdened state account 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Critics pronounced prior anti-government protests, led by a pro-democracy organisation called Bersih and that captivated many civic Chinese people, had angry a country’s Malay leaders.

During his visit, Ambassador Huang highlighted a significance of secular peace and order of law in Malaysia. He combined that China rejects any form of extremism and racism, and will not mount by if Chinese interests during stake.

Various groups, including statute celebration UMNO’s girl division, indicted Huang of interfering in Malaysia’s domestic affairs. He was summoned by a Malaysian Foreign Ministry to explain his remarks.


But during a nautical Silk Road conference, a envoy downplayed a incident, observant it had been blown out of proportion. “What problem? There was never any problem during all,” he said.

Chinese envoy Huang Huikang (C) brushes off a serve by a Malaysia Foreign Ministry. (Photo Melissa Goh)

Speaking during a conference, Huang pronounced his revisit to Chinatown was to denote that Kuala Lumpur is protected and some-more Chinese tourists should revisit Malaysia.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday shielded a actions of a ambassador, observant Huang was visiting a Chinese village during a Mid-Autumn Festival, a normal Chinese holiday that fell on Sunday, adding that it was a “normal” activity.

Ministry orator Hong Lei pronounced China did “not meddle in other countries’ domestic politics nor meddle in other countries’ inner affairs”. “China and Malaysia are accessible neighbours, we wish that Malaysia can say inhabitant togetherness and fortitude and racial harmony,” Hong pronounced during a daily news briefing.

Ambassador Huang also reminded both countries not to remove steer of a large picture. Malaysia is China’s largest trade partner in ASEAN, and two-way trade is approaching to strech US$160 billion by year 2017. Under China’s One Belt One Road initiatives, there are copiousness of opportunities for both sides to reap.

“It’s unintended and it’s not politically motivated, let a professionals hoop this and solve this once and for all,” pronounced Malaysian Second Minister of International Trade and Industries Ong Ka Chuan.

Both Kuala Lumpur and Beijing are relocating to solve a supposed disagreement as fast as possible, forward of a Golden Week holiday in China, with many approaching to transport abroad.

Article source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/china-s-ambassador-to/2155928.html