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Chinas Crackdown on Christian Churches

Officially, China is an non-believer country, though constitutionally guarantees eremite freedom. However, in practice, a CCP is heedful of all eremite organizations. In particular, CCP officials see several eremite bodies as melancholy forces, including Protestant and Catholic churches. The Party now has only underneath 88 million members, since there might be adult to 100 million Christians in China today. Wenzhou, a city in a same range as Hangzhou, has an estimated 1.2 million Protestants among a race of 9 million, and is famous as China’s Jerusalem. By a finish of 2014, China was a largest producer of Christian Bibles. Walk by a aged city of a tangible Jerusalem or other vital Christian sites, and you’ll find many of a crosses and rosaries for sale were done in China.

Article source: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/05/08/china-s-crackdown-on-christian-churches.html