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Chinese tip Macau deputy dies after descending from his building, supervision says

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A breathtaking perspective of a partial of Macau seen from Hengqin Island.

China’s tip deputy to Macau died late on Saturday after descending from a building where he lived, a Chinese supervision pronounced on Sunday.

Zheng Xiaosong, a conduct of China’s relationship bureau to Macau, had been pang from depression, a Hong Kong and Macau Office of a Chinese government’s State Council pronounced in a statement, adding member of a Beijing supervision visited Macau to offer condolences. The matter did not elaborate serve on a resources of his death.

Zheng, 59, was allocated to a Macau post in Sep 2017 and is a member of a statute Communist Party’s Central Committee, a largest of China’s selected statute bodies. He was formerly a clamp administrator of a southeastern coastal range of Fujian.

The relationship bureau in Macau serves as a overpass between a internal supervision and Beijing and has turn increasingly successful in internal affairs.

Like adjacent Hong Kong, Macau operates underneath China’s “one country, dual systems” process and is ruled by a arch executive, who is selected around an choosing though contingency get capitulation from Beijing to rigourously take office.

Macau Chief Executive Fernando Chui pronounced in a matter that he was “shocked” about Zheng’s genocide and voiced condolences. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam also released a matter expressing “deep sorrow” for Zheng’s death.

A matter published on Friday on a Macau liaison’s bureau website showed that Zheng met with a conduct of a consider tank a day before his death. During a assembly he emphasized a significance of ancillary a internal supervision and a one country, dual systems process to safeguard Macau’s continued development, a matter said.

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Article source: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/22/chinese-top-macau-representative-dies-after-falling-from-his-building.html