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Clinton Campaign Manager Robbie Mook Denies DNC Rigged 2016 Primary: "Politics Is Politics"

ROBBY MOOK, FORMER CLINTON CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Well, initial of all, Anderson, we usually wish to underscore some things Briana said.

First of all, when a DNC approached both campaigns about a corner fundraising agreement, they were broke. They weren’t going to make payroll. They were not going to be means to send down income to a state parties to keep them operational. They were in a unequivocally bad place.

Both a Sanders and a Clinton debate sealed corner fundraising agreements. So, we both suspicion it was a good thing to pointer for. The usually disproportion was Sanders didn’t lift any income and we did. The DNC —


COOPER: Sanders was lifting income — we mean, we guys had large income donors, Sanders was removing some-more donations from, we know, people and smaller donations. No?

MOOK: Well, and that would have been great. It would have been good for a DNC to lift jointly with him. Hillary incited over her email list to a DNC after a choosing was over. So, it’s unequivocally vicious for those low dollar donors to be partial of a DNC process.

But a DNC came to a debate and we said, we need help. You know, we’re not prepared for a ubiquitous election. We combined a memo of bargain that what was there. It wasn’t about a primary election. And as Brianna said, we were unequivocally undone with a DNC many times. The thought that we had any control over there was flattering laughable.

COOPER: Right. But —

MOOK: We simply put guardrails in about how a income that we lifted indispensable to be focused on a ubiquitous choosing activities that were unequivocally going to matter.

COOPER: Right. My bargain is that communications position indeed had to be margin even before a primary races.

MOOK: Well, that’s correct. we mean, this is a ideal —

COOPER: So, that wasn’t usually about a ubiquitous election, right?

MOOK: Well, no, it positively is. The purpose of a DNC while a primary’s going on is to reason Republican possibilities accountable. And there was nobody stuffing that post. It was a large problem. It was something that any Democrats should have been disturbed about.

That’s since if we demeanour in that memo, we categorically pronounced a date whereby they have to sinecure someone since we were trouble that there was no lead voice out there vocalization out opposite Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and everybody else.

COOPER: But was a Sanders debate also offering a possibility to enter into an agreement or they too could have a contend in who a DNC was hiring?

MOOK: They were. And if we demeanour during a memo that came out this evening, it categorically says in that memo that we as a Clinton debate acknowledge that other campaigns were acquire to in spin an agreement with a DNC of their own. In fact, honestly, Anderson, we would have over welcomed that. More resources entrance into a DNC, we would have desired to have partnered with a Sanders campaign, articulate about, we know, all a issues of how to classify and ready for a ubiquitous election.

We had a unequivocally good operative attribute with a Sanders campaign, quite as a primary came to a close. we worked unequivocally closely with Jeff Weaver. We’ve got a lot done. We got a togetherness elect that Sanders set up. So, we would have welcomed that.

COOPER: Right. But, clearly, Jeff Weaver and a Sanders debate trust that things were fraudulent opposite them.

MOOK: Well, here’s what I’ll contend about this. You know, politics is politics. People have to go there — we know, go out there and contend what they need to say. we consider it is — we consider it’s dangerous to contend this competition was fraudulent for a following reason —

COOPER: Because Elizabeth Warren, by a way, is also observant that now.

MOOK: Well, and Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are vicious partial of a party. They’re an vicious partial of a politics. We can’t make a box to operative people in this nation that we’re going to be — that we’re going to mount adult for them and we’re going to quarrel for them, if we’re fighting any other. We can’t do that.

Hillary Clinton won this primary with roughly 4 million votes. That’s a bigger joining that Barack Obama had over her when she mislaid and conceded in 2008. The thought that a DNC could supply a competition overtly is laughable.

And here’s a thing I’ll say. You know, a congress contests within a incomparable primary are a contests that are run by a party. You know, a primary elections are run by secretaries of state. Those contests, a caucuses that were run by a party, Bernie Sanders won overwhelmingly. So, if we demeanour during what a celebration indeed in this process, Bernie Sanders won those contests. we consider we usually won 3 of them and we hardly won Iowa.

So, there’s usually no justification to behind this up. we know that it’s convenient. Some people like — we know, they wish to be indignant of what’s going on. But we’ve got to concentration a annoy on Donald Trump and this vast taxation devise that a Republicans are proposing.

COOPER: So, is this usually about Donna Brazile perplexing to peddle a book? we mean, since as Brianna mentioned, we know, by somebody who didn’t work during CNN, she gained entrance to one city gymnasium doubt and she gave that or during slightest attempted to or in an email give it to somebody in a Clinton campaign, that is totally unethical. She mislaid her job. You know, she — we mean, we overtly perspective it as a vast profanation of everybody who work during CNN, a fact that she did that.

I don’t see her attempting to — in any of those e-mails attempting to give information to a Sanders campaign. It seemed like she was some-more than happy to friendly adult to a Clinton campaign. And now, she has a book to sell, she’s now spinning this yarn.

MOOK: we feel like all this is H2O underneath a bridge. And Donna Brazile has served a celebration for 30 years. She’s been a champion for Democrats. It was my respect and my payoff to work with her as chair of a party. we demeanour brazen to operative with Donna —

COOPER: Do we consider it was suitable for her to do that about a city gymnasium question?

MOOK: we don’t overtly know a specifics of it. It sounds like CNN looked into it and took movement as they saw fit.

But again, Anderson, I’m not usually meddlesome in these things in a past. This is since we got to pierce over 2016. We have a governor’s choosing reduction than a week divided in Virginia. We’ve got vicious midterm elections.

And we can’t contend it adequate — this taxation devise a Republicans are proposing is outrageous.

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