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Coca-Cola: Growth At Last!

I have been a Coke (NYSE:KO) shareholder given late 2008, and have been really happy with my formula so far. we also commend that my timing (investing during a financial crisis), was really advantageous. During that time Coca-Cola’s shares have grown to paint a largest singular seductiveness in my portfolio. we like to take a demeanour during any of my land during slightest twice per year, to see what has altered in opinion for any company. Coca-Cola is among my Long Term Holdings. Recently, we have also created about my Coca-Cola land as partial of articles on Business Models and a characteristics common by a portfolio companies.

Coca-Cola’s shares have been generally renouned with investors for a final few decades, though past opening is no denote of destiny results. As a entire cola giant, Coca-Cola is in fact the genuine thing. As a owners of many of a world’s best famous brands, Coke sells some-more than 3,500 products in some-more than over 200 countries around a world. Coke has been in business for 129 years and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The association also has vital investments in Monster Beverage Corporation (NASDAQ:MNST) and several bottler operations. The association also recently sole a large position in Keurig Green Mountain when was a association was taken private a few months ago.

The Struggles

Chief among Coke’s struggles is growth. When a association has a $200 billion marketplace cap, it can be tough to grow organically. Coke has attempted to squeeze expansion in new years. Two of a best examples are a company’s investments in Monster Beverage Corporation and Keurig Green Mountain mentioned above. The Dec 2015 understanding to sell Keurig Green Mountain to a organisation of European investors for about $92 per share, salvaged Coke’s investment in a company. Coke’s $2 billion investment was down 43% before to a understanding being announced (based on Keurig Green Mountain’s share price). Fortunately a waste were erased for Coke shareholders, though a knowledge highlights some of a risks when a association tries to squeeze growth.

The expansion concerns are best demonstrated by a miss of expansion in a company’s sales volume over a past several years. Currencies (and as a outcome earnings) fluctuate, though sales volume can produce a clearer picture. According to a list subsequent (taken from a 2015 annual report), supervision was means to sell a larger volume of product in 2015 than a before year. For a prior 2 years, a volume of product sole had indeed declined. we have a speculation that cola companies now are really many like American cigarette companies were in 1970s, wherein they make good investments while being vilified by a ubiquitous public, though that’s a contention for another time. As a Coke shareholder, we am usually beholden to see some year over year volume expansion again. Another of a company’s new struggles has come in a form of banking fluctuations. The US dollar has also strengthened almost over a final integrate years, that has had a outcome of shortening Coke’s gain (which are reported in US dollars) on products that are sole internationally.

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These concerns have also manifested themselves in a company’s revenue, earnings, and money upsurge metrics. Take a demeanour during a Gurufocus draft below, and we will see a miss of per share expansion in any of these critical areas.

The Positives

The struggles above notwithstanding, Coca-Cola has had an extraordinary lane record for providing value to shareholders over a past decades. Even some-more recently, a association has finished a good pursuit of dwindling a superb share count and lifting dividends annually. Last year a Board of Directors motionless to lift a quarterly division 8%, imprinting a 53 uninterrupted year of annual division increases…should move a grin to even a many forbidding shareholder. we see a division as stable, with a division payout ratio of 79%, though some expansion will need to manifest if dividends are going to continue to rise.

Management pronounced they trust sales volumes will boost again in 2016. As we might design a biggest of a volume sales grow (at 4%) took place in a Asia/Pacific region. Across all handling regions, a infancy of a volume expansion came from non cola segments (think water, juice, tea products). This is generally in gripping with my expectancy that expansion in a company’s “still products” will continue to overtake cola products in a future. we am blissful that supervision has been focusing some-more on flourishing a non cola operations, over a past few years.


Coca-Cola is one of those companies whose batch has frequency been cheap, though profitable too many for any investment probably guarantees bad investment returns. Below we will take a demeanour during several gratefulness metrics and see how Coca-Cola’s stream share cost stacks up.

I typically bonus destiny gain in a companies we deposit in, in sequence to assistance establish what we am peaceful to compensate for a shares. Over a past 8 years, earning per share expansion and giveaway money upsurge per share expansion have averaged 6.41% and 5.95% respectively. While we wish a association can lapse to aloft expansion rates, this is a sincerely low bar for Coca-Cola and we am trust these levels are maintainable. By discounting those gain expansion rates during a 5% rate, I’ve dynamic that a stream value of a subsequent 20 years of Coca-Cola’s gain is approximately $38 per share. With shares now offered during a small over $46, a company’s shares seem overvalued. (Note, we customarily compensate a estimable bonus to my guesstimate of destiny earnings.)

Coca-Cola’s stream price-to-earnings ratio of about 27.6, also has shares looking overvalued. From a Morningstar list subsequent we can see that a division produce and price-to-cash upsurge metrics are somewhat some-more than a chronological averages, though a price-to-earnings and price-to-sales metrics are many aloft than a chronological averages. These metrics continue to advise to me that Coca-Cola’s share cost is now overvalued, even compared to its chronological self.

The Gurufocus outline graphs subsequent shows other new trends for a company. Unfortunately, there has been small expansion and money on palm has declined somewhat while a company’s superb debt has continued to climb. we would like to see these trends reversed. Even in a stream low seductiveness rate environment, debt is usually profitable if we can reinvest a collateral in something that earns a aloft return. So distant Coke’s supervision has not been means to make good use of a expansion in superb debt.

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Coke’s share cost seems overvalued by several of a gratefulness metrics and methodologies discussed above. we was blissful to see some expansion in a volume of products sold, though differently we would contend a company’s operational opening has been sincerely lackluster. That being said, we will investigate a company’s operations in 6 months…and confirm if swell is being made. If operational opening continues to be lackluster, we will cruise offered this holding.

Many investors seem endangered about bureaucratic regulations (like those in New York), that extent a limit distance of cola containers, or differently daunt consumption. Additionally, some jurisdictions are lifting taxes on sodas and break foods. we am not endangered about these health initiatives during all. Such impiety taxes have a diseased story of conversion consumer habits over a prolonged term. While there might be a brief tenure decrease in sales volume, we design that a aloft distinction domain that accompany a smaller containers will cover many any shortfall. Plus, we trust that people are creatures of robe and vaunt conspicuous code loyalty. we trust that Coke drinkers will continue to splash Coke’s products, either by robe or addiction, in annoy of aloft prices and supervision intervention.

Last though not least, we need to contend something about batch performance. As we can see from a dual year draft below, Coca-Cola’s share cost has risen almost over a final 6 months. Given a diseased operational opening and metrics that make shares seem overvalued, a boost in batch marketplace cost seems unwarranted. we cruise on a relations basement Coca-Cola may paint a good value to a broader SP 500, though we trust both are now overpriced. we have felt Coca-Cola’s batch was overvalued for several years, heading me to quit reinvesting my dividends from a association in 2013. we might buy additional batch if a cost falls into a reduce $30s, though for now I’m looking for opportunities elsewhere.

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Disclosure: Long KO. This essay is for informational functions usually and should not be deliberate a recommendation for anyone to buy, sell, or reason any equities. we am not a financial professional. The information above is supposing by Yahoo Finance, Morningstar.com, GuruFocus.com, and www.coca-colacompany.com/investors

Disclosure: I am/we are prolonged KO.

I wrote this essay myself, and it expresses my possess opinions. we am not receiving remuneration for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). we have no business attribute with any association whose batch is mentioned in this article.

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