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Colombia Still Potential Copa America Winners Despite Slip Up in Group Stage

Jose Pekerman rolled a bones and lost. But notwithstanding some vicious voices a coach’s play was not a ridiculous one.

He motionless to stagger 10 players out of a organisation that kick Paraguay in a second Copa America strife and play pot and patrol players opposite Costa Rica on Saturday night in Houston, Texas.

Colombia mislaid 3-2 in a pulsating clash, and it meant they surrendered tip mark in Group A to a United States, who kick Paraguay progressing in a evening.

A pull or win would have been adequate for Los Cafeteros to win a group.


Pekerman had good reasons behind his decision. The manager wanted, primarily, to rest his initial team.

The Copa America Centenario is a heartless tournament. The distances trafficked and a feverishness in some of a locations has done it tough for some teams to handle.

Uruguay done a large indicate of this, with manager Oscar Tabarez lashing out, per Goal.

It’s going to be played all over a United States, we don’t like it. The teams that strech a final will have been over a whole of a nation – and it’s an impressively large country. Then there’s a feverishness there, which, on tip of a distances to be travelled, increases a final [of a tournament]. That’s since we don’t consider it will be an typical Copa America.

Colombia’s diversion opposite Costa Rica took place in prohibited conditions, with a heat after a diversion still a high 29 degrees celsius.

Pekerman‘s organisation would have been personification again on Thursday night in a quarter-final had they surfaced a group. He clearly wanted to keep his organisation uninformed for that intensity game.

Furthermore, his preference decisions also stable first-teamers from nutritious injuries opposite Costa Rica.

By picking players who haven’t had as most diversion time in a contest he was also giving them compare fitness, that will be useful if they are indispensable serve down a line.

In some players’ cases he was also assisting them turn some-more confident, such as for 19-year-old striker Marlos Moreno, who scored a excellent strike as his organisation attempted to quarrel back.


Despite a fibre of late opportunities, Colombia lost, yet finishing second could still work out in their favour, formed on Sunday’s results.

They now have an additional day’s rest, personification on Friday Jun 17, in New Jersey.

Key striker Carlos Bacca did not underline during all, while other star organisation like James Rodriguez and Juan Cuadrado won’t be too sleepy after their run out in a second half of a Costa Rica game.

And what’s more, a categorical detriment from finishing second is that they have to play a tip organisation in Group B in a quarter-final, that many expect will be Brazil.

However, Dunga’s Brazil are distant from a arguable side, and it is probable that they could somehow come a cropper opposite Peru on Sunday night in Foxborough, finale adult finishing second or even unwell to strech a quarter-finals during all.

If that is a case, personification a initial or second organisation won’t make too most difference, since both Peru and Ecuador are equally strong.


Colombia will also have larger support personification in New Jersey than in Seattle since there are some-more expats in that partial of a country.

Even if they do pull Brazil in a subsequent round, they showed during a final Copa America they aren’t fearful of personification bigger sides.

They kick a Selecao in a organisation stages and afterwards took Argentina all a approach to a chastisement shootout in a quarter-finals, that they eventually lost.

If they wish to win a Copa America Centenario, they will have to kick improved teams than Brazil to do so. Therefore, nonetheless it isn’t ideal to face them in a subsequent round, it’s not a disaster by any means.

That most was reflected by Nicolas Otamendi saying Colombia were one of a favourites to win a tournament.

“The Copa has usually only started, yet Colombia are doing things well. They’ve already had dual wins,” he told Goal before Los Cafeteros faced Costa Rica.

Colombia’s start to this contest showed they have a intensity to go all a approach and lift a prize on Jun 26, even if they can't be deliberate favourites for it.

They done mincemeat of a USA in a initial diversion during a Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Scoring after 8 mins by Cristian Zapata, they sat behind and authorised a USA to build attacks that pennyless on a rocks of Daniel Torres and Sebastian Perez in defensive midfield.


Then they finished a veteran arrangement by attack a United States on a counter-attack, winning a penalty, that James converted coolly.

The Real Madrid star is one of a large reasons Colombia can lift this trophy.

He was a best actor during World Cup 2014 for some and scored in both of a dual opening games of this tournament.

Coming off a behind of a bad deteriorate with his bar on a personal level, it has felt like James had a indicate to prove.

According to Pekerman, he will need medicine after a contest on a shoulder injury, something he exacerbated during a initial diversion when he fell awkwardly opposite a United States.

“We realize that this damage could reoccur. He’ll need surgery. Real Madrid has been informed,” Pekerman said, per ESPN FC.

But that did not order him out of a Paraguay match, a diversion in that James shone, even yet Colombia gifted some tough moments of pressure.

Against Paraguay he roamed and probed, pressuring a counterclaim and operative harder than he has in months with his club, during slightest to a exposed eye.


Colombia have been helped, too, by a clarity with that Pekerman uses his strikers.

Gone are Radamel Falcao, Jackson Martinez and Teofilo Gutierrez, all of whom have ordered game-time in a past, with no transparent denote of who is a elite option.

There was too most chopping and changing going on. Now we know that it’s Carlos Bacca, with younger players like Moreno in support. There is no confusion—except maybe between a Morenos—Dayro Moreno is another striker in a squad, but, like Marlos, he knows he is fill-in for Bacca.

Colombian football consultant Carl Worswick told Bleacher Report during a start of a contest that expectancy levels were not excessively high in a country.

He said: “As prolonged as people can see a delay of a swell done during a final turn of qualifiers, they’ll be satisfied.

“I think Colombia won’t have adequate strength in abyss or knowledge to difficulty a latter stages of a tournament, yet we doubt we’ll see a repeat of final year’s miserable bid either, when they exited a Chile Copa America carrying scored only one goal.”

Shaun Clark/Getty Images

That reduce weight of vigour will also work in their favour, with a fans in a States gay when record are going their approach yet not too oppressive on a organisation when things go wrong.

For that reason, nonetheless supporters will be unhappy by a detriment to Costa Rica that stopped them removing tip spot, they will already be meditative about a quarter-finals.

On Sunday night they find out who they will face in New Jersey, and, Brazil or otherwise, Colombia have a resources to get by that diversion to strech a semi-final.


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