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Colts vs. Patriots 2018 live results: Highlights & research from ‘TNF’

The New England Patriots softened to 3-2 on a deteriorate with a clever win over a Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football, 38-24. Indianapolis is now 1-4 on a season, and a Colts are confronting even some-more injuries after not even carrying a healthy 46 players for a game.

Tom Brady was credited with a span of interceptions, yet both went off a hands of his receivers (Chris Hogan, Rob Gronkowski). Brady finished with 341 yards, completing 34 of 44 passes, with 3 touchdowns and a aforementioned interceptions. One of his touchdowns went to Josh Gordon, his initial as a member of a Patriots.

In his initial diversion behind from suspension, Julian Edelman held 7 passes for 57 yards. Gronkowski had 75 yards on 6 receptions, while using behind James White led a group with 10 receptions for 77 yards. Sony Michel had 18 carries for 98 yards and a 34-yard touchdown run for New England.

One of a Colts touchdowns came in a final dual mins when they were already down by 3 scores, so a diversion looks a bit closer on a scoreboard than it indeed was. Once again, Andrew Luck threw a round some-more than 50 times, completing 38 of 59 passes for 365 yards, 3 touchdowns and a span of interceptions. The Indianapolis pass-blocking was poor, yet they usually authorised one sack. The Colts rushed for 84 yards as a team, and Eric Ebron had 105 yards and a span of touchdowns off of 9 receptions.

New England was glorious right out of a gate, with Brady marching a group down a field, completing all 9 of his pass attempts, including a brief opening touchdown to Cordarrelle Patterson. They notched another touchdown not prolonged after, while a Colts missed a margin goal. New England would supplement another touchdown and a margin idea before halftime.

In a second half, a Colts apparently done some adjustments since they managed to force a Patriots punt, expostulate down for a touchdown, and afterwards collect off Brady in a red zone. They started pushing but, unfortunately for them, they mislaid a fail and a movement stalled. They’d go on to measure again, during one indicate creation it a one-score game, yet a Patriots piled on with a low touchdown to Gordon and a large run from Michel.

Up next, a Patriots will have their third uninterrupted home game, this one opposite a really tough Kansas City Chiefs. The Colts will continue their highway tour with a diversion opposite a New York Jets.

Below is a live blog from Thursday, in retreat order.

Patriots 38, Colts 24, FINAL: Michel picks adult 3 yards on a ground, and a Colts bake their initial timeout. Michel picks adult another 3 yards, and a Colts take their second timeout. On third down, Brady throws deficient to White, so they’ll punt it. Indianapolis takes over on their possess 40-yard line. Luck hits Hines for 4 yards on initial down. Then it’s Swoope for 5 yards, creation it a 3rd-and-1. They modify with a 3-yard run from Hines, and it goes to a two-minute warning. The Patriots take a timeout after a 21-yard accepting for Hines. Then Luck finds Swoope for a 27-yard touchdown, yet this one is still out of reach. They are holding a demeanour during a touchdown, and they retreat themselves. It’s a initial down for a Colts during a 1-yard line. But on a subsequent play, Luck hits Ebron for a touchdown. The additional indicate is good. With 1:!0 remaining, a Colts can’t make a onside flog stick. The Patriots instead kneel it out.

Patriots 38, Colts 17, 3:23, 4Q: Luck finds Ebron for 7 yards, afterwards Johnson for 9 yards. Rogers picks adult 3, afterwards Johnson gets 17. An deficient pass, a benefit of 5 yards for Hines, and another deficient pass lead to a discerning 4th-and-5 for a Colts. They go for it, and Luck finds Grant for 10 yards. Luck throws deficient on a subsequent play, yet there’s an bootleg strike chastisement on a Patriots, so they get 5 yards and a involuntary initial down. He goes deficient to Rogers in a finish section — it was off Rogers’ hands. Hines picks adult 4 yards on a ground, and it’s 3rd-and-6. Luck throws it divided to equivocate a hit, and it’s 4th-and-6. The fourth down pass to Ebron goes incomplete.

Patriots 38, Colts 17, 7:08, 4Q: Now wanting to measure quickly, a Colts take over during a 25-yard line. Luck throws deficient on initial and second down, afterwards hits Grant for 14 yards to modify a third down. Then it’s dual some-more deficient passes, one of that was roughly an interception. On third down, Luck throws underneath to Ebron, and it’s going to be a 4th-and-5. They’re going for it. They get a conversion, with Luck attack Hines for 7 yards. On initial down, Luck throws it to Pascal, yet a round is knocked out, so it’s an interception for Jones! He earnings it to a Indianapolis 34-yard line, a 28-yard return. Then on initial down for a Patriots, it’s a run for Michel and he’s got space! It’s a 34-yard touchdown for Michel! That should usually about do it!

Patriots 31, Colts 17, 9:19, 4Q: Patriots take over from their possess 25-yard line. Brady finds Josh Gordon for his initial accepting of a game, this one 16 yards. Michel gets 6 yards, afterwards another 5 yards for a initial down. Brady goes to White for 11 yards, afterwards there’s offsetting penalties — tripping and nonessential roughness. Brady finds Hogan for 7 yards on a subsequent play. Then it’s Edelman for another 7 yards. On initial down, with copiousness of time, Brady finds Josh Gordon low for a 34-yard touchdown!

Patriots 24, Colts 17, 12:48, 4Q: And wrong again — a scorers have now topsy-turvy their reversal, so Brady has dual interceptions for a game. Either way, a Colts are still driving, with Luck attack Grant for a 4-yard pickup, bringing adult a 3rd-and-5. Luck finds Ebron on a left side for 18 yards and a initial down. He afterwards hits Grant for 3 yards, and on second down he finds Swoope for a 13-yard touchdown! The additional indicate is good and we have ourselves a game.

Patriots 24, Colts 10, END 3Q: Scratch that, they’ve altered it from an interception to a fail on Gronkowski. But a Colts get a round regardless, during their possess 20-yard line. Hines picks adult 2 yards, afterwards Wilkins rushes adult a left side for 11 yards. Luck throws deficient twice, yet on 3rd-and-10, finds Ebron for a 28-yard gain. A 1-yard run from Wilkins brings an finish to a third quarter.

Patriots 24, Colts 10, 2:26, 3Q: Wilkins picks adult 2 yards on a ground, afterwards 5 yards on a brief pass. On 3rd-and-3, Luck finds Hines for a 7-yard gain. Luck throws to Wilkins for 4 yards, yet McCourty army a fumble, and afterwards recovers it during midfield. A golden event for a Colts down a drain. Brady comes out and hits White for 3 yards, afterwards Edelman for 13 yards.. He finds Gronwkoski over a core for 19 yards. Michel goes for a yard on a subsequent play, yet there’s descent holding that pushes them behind out of a red zone. Brady throws incomplete, so 2nd-and-20. Brady goes to Gronkowski, who catches it, afterwards fumbles after a strike by Farley. Good is there, and he catches a round for an interception!

Patriots 24, Colts 10, 6:57, 3Q: The Patriots take over during their possess 32-yard line after a 26-yard lapse from Michel. He picks adult a yard, afterwards Edelman gets 5 by a air. On third down, Brady hits Gronkowski for 15 yards, and afterwards again for another 15 yards, into Colts territory. A brief run from Michel, afterwards Brady has a pass dictated for Hogan intercepted by Farley, who takes it to a Colts’ 30-yard line.

Patriots 24, Colts 10, 9:53, 3Q: The Patriots take over, yet not for long. Brady hits Edelman for 4 yards, afterwards throws deficient twice in a row. They punt it away, and a Colts take over during a New England 35-yard line after a 33-yard return. Wilkins takes a lift for a Colts, and he gets 6 yards and they’re into a red zone. Hines picks adult nothing, afterwards Luck finds Ebron for 14 yards and a touchdown!

Patriots 24, Colts 3, 12:42, 3Q: Colts get a round to start a second half, from their possess 25-yard line. Hines picks adult usually a yard on a belligerent to start. On 2nd-and-9, Luck hits Grant for 19 yards. Luck throws incomplete, afterwards Hines gets 4 yards on a ground, so it’s a 3rd-and-6. The pass to Hines goes incomplete, so they punt. It’s downed during a New England 5-yard line.

Patriots 24, Colts 3, END 2Q: It’s a touchback, so a Colts take over during a 25-yard line. Scratch that, they’ll start during a 30-yard line after a New England penalty. Luck finds Rogers for 9 yards, afterwards again for 4 yards and a initial down. Ebron picks adult 7 yards to a 50-yard line, and he gets out of bounds. Luck goes to Hines on a subsequent play, yet he doesn’t find him, as Chung picks off a ball! New England takes over with underneath a notation to go. Brady hits Dorsett for 16 yards and gets out of bounds. Incomplete to White on a subsequent play. Hogan gets 6 yards, yet a fake start pushes them back. They breeze adult attempting a 45-yard margin goal, and Gostkowski kicks it through. With 13 seconds remaining, a Colts run it and a half comes to an end.

Patriots 21, Colts 3, 1:34, 2Q: Michel loses a yard, yet White picks adult 12 yards on a brief pass from Brady for a discerning initial down. Then Brady hits Hogan low for a 21-yard gain. Michel goes for 5 yards on a run, afterwards he squeaks by a hole in a core for a benefit of 15 yards on a subsequent play. Another run gives him 3 yards and we’ve reached a two-minute warning. New England in a red section now. White picks adult 6 yards on a brief pass, and a Colts take a timeout. White gets 6 yards on a ground, and afterwards 1 yard, usually hardly adequate for a initial down. The mark is reviewed, and they hang with a call. First-and-goal. They run it, and Michel picks adult 3 yards, yet a holding call pushes them behind 10 yards. Brady goes to White for 7 yards, afterwards a Colts take another timeout. On 2nd-and-6, Brayd hits White again for a touchdown!

Patriots 14, Colts 3, 5:23, 2Q: Brady throws deficient twice, and on 3rd-and-10, he dumps it off to Gronkowski, yet it’s usually a 1-yard gain, so New England will punt. The Colts take over during their possess 22-yard line after a 5-yard return. Wilkins picks adult 4 yards on a ground, afterwards a fake start chastisement backs them up. On 2nd-and-11, they collect adult a integrate yards, and Brown is harmed for a Patriots. There will be a timeout before a 3rd-and-7 attempt. Luck finds Ebron for a initial and afterwards some, yet a holding chastisement negates a play. So it’ll be a 3rd-and-17, and they usually dump it off rather than try and make adult a deficit. They’ll punt it away. New England is called for an bootleg block, so they’ll take over during their possess 32-yard line.

Patriots 14, Colts 3, 8:49, 2Q: The Colts have an early 3rd-and-1 after a pass to Grant goes for 8 yards and Hines gets 1 yard on a ground. Nobody covers Ebron, and Luck usually gets a pass to him for a 17-yard pickup. Hines afterwards goes for 5 yards on a ground., and Rogers gets another 5 and a initial down on a brief pass. Defensive holding on a prior play is declined. Luck throws dual deficient passes and Hines gets usually 3 yards on a run, so it’s a fourth down. The 54-yard margin idea try by Vinatieri is good, so a Colts are on a board!

Patriots 14, Colts 0, 12:14, 2Q: Starting from their possess 28-yard line, Brady finds Dorsett for 5 yards, afterwards White for 18 yards to pierce a sticks. The initial entertain comes to an finish with New England on a move. On initial down, Brady passes brief right to Michel, who goes for 12 yards and another initial down. Gronkowski gets 6 yards, and a Colts are called for roughing a passer as a Colts defender got a palm on Brady’s helmet. Michel picks adult 14 yards on a ground, and afterwards during a idea line, during 3rd-and-1, Brady sneaks it for a touchdown!

Patriots 7, Colts 0, 0:58, 1Q: Luck finds Rogers for 24 yards to get out of a reserve range, and afterwards Hines picks adult 1 yard on a run. He afterwards catches a brief pass for 4 yards, and Ebron goes for 8 yards on a subsequent play, giving them a third-down conversion. Luck throws incomplete, afterwards finds Pascal for 12 yards. Defensive holding on a Patriots, yet it’s declined. Rogers picks adult 9 yards on a brief pass, and Hines gets 5 yards for a initial down. The Colts are impending a red section now. They’re going to have a 3rd-and-inches … no wait, nevermind, they’ve altered a spot. Colts initial down during a New England 21-yard line. They collect adult a yard on a ground, yet Luck can’t strike Ebron or Pascal deep, bringing out Vinatieri for a 38-yard margin idea attempt. And it’s no good! It goes off a upright.

Patriots 7, Colts 0, 6:10, 1Q: Touchback to start for a Colts. They collect adult 4 yards on a rush, and afterwards Luck is sacked by Flowers and Chung for a detriment of 10 yards, bringing adult a 3rd-and-15. The brief pass goes to Ebron, and it’s dropped. So it’s a discerning three-and-out for a Colts. Edelman takes it during a New England 36-yard line, and picks adult 15 yards on a return, so a Patriots will start usually inside Indianapolis territory. They collect adult 1 yard on a run, and Walker was harmed for a Colts on a play. Brady goes to Edelman deep, yet yet he’s far-reaching open, he drops it. The Patriots will punt, and a Colts will take over on their possess 6-yard line.

Patriots 7, Colts 0, 8:59, 1Q: The Colts kickoff to start, and after a touchback, a Patriots start a diversion from their possess 25-yard line, and they start with an dull backfield. And, as expected, Brady immediately goes to Edelman, this one for a 9-yard pickup. White picks adult nothing, afterwards Michel picks adult 2 yards for a first-down. Then Patterson catches a brief pass for 10 yards and a initial down. Then it’s Dorsett for 4 yards, and Edelman again for 13 yards. The Patriots are rolling right along here. Gronkowski catches a subsequent one, for 19 yards. False start is called on Andrews so they’ll behind it adult a little.White gets 11 yards, afterwards 5 yards, and they’re into a red zone. A run for no benefit and a 6-yard pass to Edelman leads to a 3rd-and-goal from a 1-yard line. Brady hits Patterson fast to his left side, and it’s a touchdown. Patriots lead!

The 1-3 Indianapolis Colts will strike a highway to face a 2-2 New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football, beginning during 8:20 p.m. ET on FOX and NFL Network (live streaming around FuboTV, FOX Sports GO, Amazon Prime Video, NFL).

Indianapolis has looked, during times, like a good team, with Andrew Luck personification good underneath center, yet he’s also been sacked 9 times and is corroborated adult by usually 288 sum rushing yards for a team, 53 of that came from him. They’re entrance off uninterrupted waste to a Texans and Eagles, with their usually win being over Washington.

New England rebounded from uninterrupted waste to a Jaguars and Lions by soundly violence a 3-0 Dolphins in their final outing, 38-7. Tom Brady threw a span of interceptions, yet also 3 touchdowns, and even got a integrate passes off to Josh Gordon, who is still operative his approach into a full offense.

Below is all we need to know to watch on Thursday.

  • Time: 8:20 p.m. ET
  • Location: Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts
  • TV: NFL Network, FOX
  • Streaming: FuboTV, FOX Sports GO, Amazon Prime Video, NFL
  • Odds: The Patriots non-stop as 10.5-point favorites over a Colts, and a line hasn’t changed most via a week.

Of a 7 SB Nation experts picking Week 5 games, all of them are picking a Patriots to win. They are assimilated by a OddsShark computer, while a silver flip, now during 36-27 on a season, landed on Indianapolis.

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