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Command BK 3 Wood

The Command BK 3 wood features a Tri-Port Weighting System exactly like its older brother the driver. Utilizing a 6g and two 3g weights, you can adjust the weight distribution of the club head to control ball flight and accuracy. Choose from three different configurations: More Draw: 6g weight in the heel, 3g weights in the rear and toe. Less Draw: 6g weight in the rear, 3g weights in the heel and toe. Slight Fade: 6g weight in the toe, 3g weights in the rear and heel. Like the driver this is the only triangular fairway wood we carry. The idea behind the shape is to move the center of gravity towards the rear of the club for a higher launch. Most golfers will benefit from the higher launch; it will get the ball higher resulting in longer shots from the fairway or tee. The Command BK 3 wood is the perfect club to reach par 5s and use off the tee for those short but tricky par 4s. This club is available in custom lengths and flexes. Click for more info.Price:  $ 19.95   Read More and Buy it here!

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