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Commentary: The politics of Hurricane Harvey

Some conservatives and Trump supporters are angry about attempts to politicize Hurricane Harvey. They trust there’s an bid to inject narrow-minded politics into what should be a impulse of togetherness on interest of those pang in a storm’s wake. Where did they get this idea?

“It’s critical to politicize Hurricane Harvey.”

That’s a commencement of an opinion square for CNN by Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs, a world-renowned consultant in a areas of tolerable development, meridian change and poverty. Sachs has also been a determined censor of corporate interests, and in this op-ed, he argues, among other things, that Republican Gov. Greg Abbott should renounce as shortly as a charge passes since Texas supports a oil and gas industry, rather than subsidy restrictions on CO to quarrel tellurian warming.

Political opportunism by climate-change activists is frequency unexpected, and there’s been utterly a bit of it. Obama confidant Ben Rhodes tweeted out on Tuesday “How will GOP explain to a kids that it unsuccessful to fight meridian change or ready for a impacts since it denied simple facts?” 

Nobody disputes that a discuss over meridian change issues is critical or worthwhile. But such blatant narrow-minded attacks, even as a sleet was still descending and rescuers were still saving a stranded could be off-putting. It’s positively not subtle, and it goes over meridian change to questions about a cunning of a response to Harvey.

“How Many Votes Could Hurricane Harvey Cost Trump In Texas?”  That Washington Post headline was so approach that it desirous a magnanimous repository New Republic to titillate restraint. Sort of.

“Yes, politicize Hurricane Harvey—just not like this,” a repository opined.

We might like to consider that healthy disasters means domestic groups to tumble away, though a unhappy law seems to be that partisanship can tarry 15 trillion gallons of sleet H2O and uninterrupted images of washed-out homes and superfluous shelters.

Democrats (and some Republicans like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie) are aggressive Texas Republicans for hostile a Hurricane Sandy service bill in 2013.  The Republicans who voted “no” disagree that a check enclosed billions in non-Sandy-related spending (it did), though because have that discuss before a charge has subsided?  The Sandy service check wasn’t upheld until dual months after a charge hit. There will be copiousness of time for a common narrow-minded bickering.

From a “unusual bickering” record comes a matter by a ACLU suggesting that a Trump administration was somehow regulating Hurricane Harvey to ambuscade bootleg immigrants. They pounded a Trump administration for not shutting limit checkpoints during a hurricane…despite a fact that nothing of these checkpoints were indeed in a hurricane. (Not a lot of limit crossings in a Gulf of Mexico.)

“The Border Patrol should never keep checkpoints open during any healthy disasters in a United States,” a ACLU said. “Everyone, no matter a tone of their skin or background, is value saving.”

So they’re suggesting that a Trump administration wouldn’t save some people in a hurricane?

And afterwards there were Melania’s shoes…


US First Lady Melania Trump walks to house Marine One as she and her father US President Donald Trump skip a White House in Washington, DC, on Aug 29, 2017, for Texas to perspective a repairs caused by Hurricane Harvey. First Lady Melania Trump is creation waves … for her inundate fashion. 

When a initial lady boarded Air Force One with her father for their outing to Texas, she wore stilettos — sincerely common shoes for a former conform model. The greeting was instantaneous:

Melania Trump wore heels to flooded Texas,” a Washington Post wrote. “She should have during slightest simulated to relate.”

Journalist Jamil Smith responded with “It isn’t that they [the Trumps] keep removing it wrong. They don’t caring about removing it right.”

U.S. President Trump arrives in Corpus Christi, Texas

U.S. President Donald Trump and initial lady Melania Trump step off Air Force One before to receiving a lecture on Tropical Storm Harvey service efforts in Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S., Aug 29, 2017.

Some Trump supporters were undetermined by a thought of removing shoes “wrong.” They remarkable that Melania was wearing sneakers when she arrived in Texas and, as a FLOTUS’s mouthpiece put it “It’s unhappy that we have an active and ongoing healthy disaster in Texas and people are disturbed about…shoes.”

Many Americans on both sides of a aisle would agree.

Article source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/commentary-the-politics-of-hurricane-harvey/