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Committee throws a curveball in initial CFP playoff rankings

Nov 1, 2016

Now that a College Football Playoff preference cabinet has spoken, during slightest for a initial time this season, let a debating, contention and second-guessing begin.

Perhaps a many startling growth from a initial rankings was that one-loss Texas AM warranted a No. 4 mark and dominant Washington a No. 5 spot. The Aggies have played a some-more formidable schedule, yet it’s also tough not to be tender with how good a Huskies have played this season.

The good news for a Huskies is that they don’t need any help. If they win out, including winning a Pac-12 championship, they’re going to be in a tip 4 of a final rankings. So take a low breath, Washington fans. It’s still all out there in front of you.

Alabama checking in during No. 1 was no surprise, and a Crimson Tide are assimilated by 3 other SEC West Division friends in a tip 13. In further to Texas AM during No. 4, Auburn was No. 9 and LSU No. 13. One other thought: For what is presumably a weaker SEC this season, a joining still placed 5 teams in a tip 13 — Florida was No. 11.

Even yet Auburn and LSU any have dual waste altogether and are ranked next Texas AM, a dual sets of Tigers competence be in a improved position than a Aggies to pierce into a final tip four. That’s since Auburn and LSU both still have shots during No. 1 Alabama, since Texas AM has already mislaid to a Tide.

If you’re rooting for chaos, a easiest approach for that to occur would be for one of a tip teams, contend Alabama or Clemson, to remove in their discussion championship games. That could open a doorway for Louisville or maybe even dual teams from a same conference.

Before any of a debating gets too heated, keep in mind that a initial rankings can be fool’s gold. LSU and Ohio State (at Nos. 2 and 3) were in a tip 4 of a initial rankings a year ago, and conjunction group done a playoff. By contrast, Oklahoma was No. 15 in those initial rankings and climbed 11 spots in a final 5 weeks to make it.

Mississippi State, No. 3 Auburn and No. 4 Ole Miss — didn’t make a playoff, and Ohio State (No. 16 in those initial rankings) came out of nowhere to make a field.

Who competence be that group this year?

Well, Oklahoma is No. 14, and yet a Sooners need some help, they’re in good figure to win a Big 12. At this point, it appears that Oklahoma would substantially be a Big 12’s best possibility to make a playoff, yet a Sooners are still a prolonged shot.

We’ll have copiousness to discuss with these rankings, yet a one doctrine to be schooled from past seasons is that there is still a lot of football to be played and anything can — and substantially will — happen.

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